<i>Last Year’s Model</i> by Tim Mead

Last Year’s Model by Tim Mead

<i>Last Year’s Model</i> by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Last Year’s Model by Tim Mead

Detective Sergeant Ray Stonesifer of the Colby Police is stuck behind a desk and is bored. However, things heat up, literally, when he’s sent on a stake out to watch a suspected meth lab that bursts into flames. Would that his personal life be as explosive.

Jesse Crofts is burned out by the competitive world of fashion modeling in New York and, after closing his eyes and stabbing his finger on a map of the US, he chooses a small city in Ohio to relocate to. A change of career requires an education, so Jesse enrolls at Colby State. However much Jesse wants to make a clean break from his past, a stalker has other ideas and follows him to Ohio.

Ray can’t imagine why someone as good looking and as experienced sexually as the former model would want to date someone as plain an uninteresting as him. However, he gets a chance to prove himself when Jesse’s stalker shows up in town, but will he end up making things worse?

Can a redheaded small town cop and a worldly-wise man from the big city make for an arresting pair, or will their passion fade as quickly as Jesse’s former modelling career?


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