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Freeze Frame by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Freeze Frame by Tim Mead

It’s a Saturday night in Colby. The camera eye looks in on what ten couples from the popular series are doing to finish off the evening.

So fans can settle back and briefly drop in on some old favorites: Ben and Toby from A Writer’s Romance, as well as Jim Grant, Jake Handley, and Ray Stonesifer from Cop Out to name but a few are enjoying the evening, each in their own ways. Is everyone still together, or has the passage of time dimmed their respective romances?


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Placet by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Placet by Tim Mead

Brian Morehouse Hunter is a newly promoted professor of English with a particular fondness for the novels of Dorothy L. Sayers. In his spare time, Brian writes erotic gay romance novels. Knowing his university colleagues wouldn’t understand, and would likely be shocked, Brian keeps his two lives strictly separate. That is, until he accidentally emails a draft chapter of his latest story to Ken Tremont, a fellow professor, rather than one of his beta readers. Brian likes Ken, finds the man attractive, but is pretty sure he’s straight.

For the next few days, Brian awaits his fate, fearing exposure, ridicule, and possible expulsion. But Ken seems to be biding his time. Unable to stand it any longer, Brian decides to approach Ken.

Will Brian’s worst fears be realized? Or could this accidental outing reap unexpected rewards?


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Beautiful Music by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Beautiful Music by Tim Mead

Scott Wainwright, professor at a prestigious conservatory of music, thinks of himself as a concert pianist and teacher. He’s upset when his department chair insists he be the accompanist to Joel Michaels, a violinist and fellow professor, in an upcoming recital. As he says, he didn’t train to play “second fiddle” to some fiddler.

However, upon meeting Joel, Scott’s crusty exterior begins to crack. Despite a few artistic differences, practices for the upcoming performance go well. Can the beautiful music they perform on stage lead to a deeper connection off of it?


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Cop Out by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Cop Out by Tim Mead

Captain Jim Grant of the Colby Police Department suffers lifechanging injuries while attempting to apprehend a suspect. On his flight back from recuperative leave, Jim sits next to the handsome Jake Handley, who he learns is a history professor at Colby State University.

Due to his injuries, Jim is no longer able to work the streets so he accepts a promotion. However, the new job is desk bound, and the lack of action isn’t easy for the action man to adapt to. There is one compensation, he’s given a cute male assistant, who he learns is also gay. Alas, his boss is one of the biggest homophobes on the force, so Jim is beyond careful where and how often he and Jake are seen out in public together.

Jake is out at work. While he realizes a university faculty is a whole lot different to a police department, he nevertheless begins to rail at the restrictions Jim places on their relationship. However, Jim is the first person Jake calls when a student threatens to make up a story about how Jake had agreed to raise the student’s grade if the student agreed to perform sexual favors on Jake.

Getting involved in an active investigation would be likely to cause questions to be asked within the police department. Will Jim risk his career and reputation for his lover, or will he cop out?


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Albert’s Noel by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Albert’s Noel by Tim Mead

It’s late on Christmas Eve and French chef Albert Ronsard is driving home through a blizzard after attending midnight mass. He sees a young man hitchhiking. Knowing he shouldn’t pick up strangers, but it’s cold, it’s snowing hard, and it’s Christmas, so …

Casey Shaw is traveling between MMA tournaments when his car starts to fail on him. He manages to pull into the parking lot of a strip mall before the engine dies completely. Even though the weather’s bad, Casey sees no alternative but to venture out on foot.

Despite their age and cultural differences, can these two men provide each other with a little festive friendship?


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