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Justin’s Rock by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Justin’s Rock by Tim Mead

Eighteen-year-old Justin Quinn has had it pretty rough. His father dies unexpectedly. His first big crush loves him, but only as a little brother. His relationship with his high school boyfriend is mostly platonic and ends when they decide to go to different colleges. While working a summer job, Justin starts a relationship with a coworker, but soon discovers the other guy is only in it for the sex.

Justin has always believed his gaydar to be infallible. So he’s disappointed and conflicted to learn his hunky, muscled, and friendly college roommate Bailey Stone is straight. Frustrated, Justin finds a boyfriend who dumps him when Justin wakes up after a party, hung over and sore.

Justin knows he needs someone steady, reliable, and solid in his corner. Might Bailey be Justin’s rock, or will he continue to drift through college without an anchor?


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A Writer’s Romance by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! A Writer’s Romance by Tim Mead

Ben Moss has a good day job with the Public Information Office of Colby County. However, at night he’s a successful — if secret — writer of straight romance novels. Ben has also written a “serious” novel about a man who is, like himself, gay. Unlike his other books, no one will publish it.

Ben’s cheating ex is sorry and wants to get back together. Ben’s new boss at work is sexy and Ben is very attracted to the man. Then there’s his neighbor, Toby Tabber. Toby is smaller than Ben, younger than Ben, and it’ll never work out between them. Or will it?

Can Ben find romance just like his characters, or will love remain strictly within the pages of his novels?


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Deep Heart’s Core by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Deep Heart’s Core by Tim Mead

The retired Rich sits in his rocking chair on the porch of his cabin and reminisces. W.B. Yates’ poem “The Isle of Innisfree “ seems to fit his mood and his life. Rich remembers his college days and his boyfriend, Lee. But that was back in the mid-1950s and Rich and Lee had to be extremely careful, even to the point of dating, then ultimately marrying, women.

After college, Rich was drafted into the army. He was happy but lost contact with Lee. Will life in retirement as a widower continue on its same lonely track for Rich? Or will he be given one last chance at happiness?


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Brody Comes Home by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Brody Comes Home by Tim Mead

After four years of service, most of it in Iraq, Marine Sargent Brody Cox decides not to re-up. It’s the early 2000s and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is in effect.

Brody takes time to adjust to the choices he needs to make now he’s in civilian life. Although he knows he wants to go to college, he doesn’t know what to major in. His elder brother owns a couple of florist shops, so at least his part time employment situation is taken care of.

One of the first people Brody serves in the shop is his arch nemesis from high school, Dave Cromer. No matter what Brody did back then, Dave was always on Brody’s case. Frustratingly, it seems the older Dave is still insufferable, still arrogant, and still hella sexy … and still straight.

Being in the corps meant Brody had to keep his sexuality a secret. So he’s relieved to be able to live more openly. However, his first few attempts at forming anything deep and meaningful with another man fall flat. But, try as he might, Brody can’t shake off his feelings for Dave Cromer. Seems Brody isn’t the only one who’s been keeping secrets.

Is the line between love and hate really that thin? And what about the line between straight and gay?


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Out of the Night by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Out of the Night by Tim Mead

After an affair with a male student was exposed, fifty-something English professor Doug Curtis left his teaching job and moved to a small conservative town in central Florida. Keeping the closet door firmly closed, Doug rebuilds his life, makes friends, becomes active in his church, and volunteers for various local organizations. He’s settled, safe … and alone.

There’s some excitement around town when middle-aged hot shot administrator Stan Mason accepts the position of city manager. Outwardly confident and capable, Stan hides a painful past of betrayal and heartache. When Stan sees Doug, he’s instantly intrigued, captivated, and aroused. He wants to find out more about the somewhat staid but sexy older man.

Doug is also excited at Stan’s arrival in town, and soon discovers they have many shared interests, including in each other. But this is a conservative area of Florida in the late 1990s, so they have to be discrete. Seeking escape from small town attitudes, they go south on vacation. Can what happens in Key West stay in Key West?


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