It Takes Three Box Set by Casper Graham

It Takes Three Box Set by Casper Graham is now available!


The men in these books will prove that sometimes it takes three to tango. Contains the stories:

An Unconventional Relationship: Michael Lambert is a lonely single parent to a three-year-old daughter, while Lance and Adam are a devoted couple with a pair of two-year-old twins. The problem for Michael is his fierce, overpowering attraction to both “unavailable” men. Will Michael, Lance, and Adam make the right decision for their families, or will they crash and burn at the end of their experiment in relationships?

Fifth Valentine’s Day: Three men in a relationship are spending their fifth Valentine‚Äôs Day/Anniversary by giving one another extravagant gifts. One of them considers the gifts to be way over the top this year so he has a plan to teach his lovers a lesson that they will not forget anytime soon. Will his sweet punishment be effective? Or will it backfire spectacularly?

Precious Moments: A gorgeous omega meets two handsome alphas on a blind date set up by mutual friends. Sparks fly, but the alphas insist on the ancient courting ritual before claiming the omega. Will they reach the mating stage before the fire burns out? Or is the relationship doomed right from the start?


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