<i>Impeccable Credentials</i> by Ellie Thomas

Impeccable Credentials by Ellie Thomas

<i>Impeccable Credentials</i> by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! Impeccable Credentials by Ellie Thomas

Sequel to Petticoats and Pantaloons

Outwardly, twenty-one-year-old Julian Buchanan is the epitome of wealth, breeding and good looks. He’s a pink of the ton in Regency London, and his position in society is assured. But beneath his impeccable surface, Julian is riddled with doubt.

Matters come to a head in the autumn of 1812 when his autocratic father, Sir Roger Buchanan, orders Julian to court an heiress and propose marriage. Finally, Julian must acknowledge that he has no interest in women. At the same time, he becomes involved with Rafe Ingles, a radical intellectual whose beliefs concur with Julian’s inward convictions.

With pressure building and so much at stake, can Julian find the courage to break the habit of a lifetime and choose love and freedom over duty?


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