<i>Haydon Cliff Box Set</i> by Shawn Lane

Haydon Cliff Box Set by Shawn Lane

<i>Haydon Cliff Box Set</i> by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! Haydon Cliff Box Set by Shawn Lane

This box set by best-selling author Shawn Lane includes seven stories set in Haydon Cliff. From homicide detectives to nurses to construction workers and professors, love and passion is what keeps everything going in this small town!

Contains the stories:

Unobtainable: Scott O’Hara and Edgar Lopez have been partners in the homicide unit of Haydon Cliff’s Police. One night a slightly drunk Scott initiates sex with Edgar, who is a player. While trying to solve a series of murders in Haydon Cliff, they also try to find out if Edgar’s heart can really be obtained.

B4: The Bingo Murders: When Sean Callahan and Andy Mantegna investigate the murder of an elderly bingo player it looks like they might have another serial killer in Haydon Cliff. As their case heats up, so does their romance which has them worried they could be separated after they solve the case.

Lawfully Wed: Edgar Lopez and Scott O’Hara are long time partners in the Haydon Cliff Police Department’s homicide division. And romantic partners as well. But now, even though they know it will split them up in the department, they want to take their relationship to the next level … marriage.

Heart of a Wanderer: Jordan Friedman loses track of time while working on his fixer-upper beach house on Valentine’s Day in Haydon Cliff. His new boyfriend, Lexy Wanderer brings the date to him. With Lexy saving the day, Jordan may just win a wanderer’s heart.

My Neighbor the Vampire: It’s October in Haydon Cliff and as Halloween approaches, Harker “Harry” Bellencourt, starts to think the neighbor next door just might be a vampire. Abraham “Kel” Kelsing just wants to keep Harry safe!

Making Spirits Bright: What does a holiday-spirited nurse named Noel Bright have in common with a gruff police captain who’s not celebrated the holidays since he was a kid? Not much. But when Wes Rivers’ plans to visit his family in Maine are canceled, he resolves to show Noel their future holidays can be bright.

Rainy Days and Mondays: Noel Bright and Wes Rivers have hit a snag in their relationship. As the trip to visit Wes’ family in Maine nears, Noel feels only dread. The dreary weather in Haydon Cliff matches Noel’s mood. With a pep talk from Noel’s sister, though, maybe he and Wes can work it out together and chase away those rainy days.


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