<i>Albert’s Noel</i> by Tim Mead

Albert’s Noel by Tim Mead

<i>Albert’s Noel</i> by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Albert’s Noel by Tim Mead

It’s late on Christmas Eve and French chef Albert Ronsard is driving home through a blizzard after attending midnight mass. He sees a young man hitchhiking. Knowing he shouldn’t pick up strangers, but it’s cold, it’s snowing hard, and it’s Christmas, so …

Casey Shaw is traveling between MMA tournaments when his car starts to fail on him. He manages to pull into the parking lot of a strip mall before the engine dies completely. Even though the weather’s bad, Casey sees no alternative but to venture out on foot.

Despite their age and cultural differences, can these two men provide each other with a little festive friendship?


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