<i>Who’s On First</i> by Tinnean

Who’s On First by Tinnean

<i>Who’s On First</i> by Tinnean

OUT NOW! Who’s On First by Tinnean

Clancy Makem has played for the Brookeville Scorpions for the past seventeen years and is considered the century’s best shortstop. After he tears his ACL for the fourth time, his career falls apart, and the team’s surgeon gives him no choice but to retire. At thirty-eight, he finds himself without a job, so he decides to return to college to get the degree he’d put on hold. With that fourth surgery looming on the horizon, he’s also in need of a temporary caregiver, something — someone — he’s unwilling to accept. Clancy’s teammates, who love their former shortstop, are willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of this person.

Charles Newton is a mathematical genius who had two master’s degrees under his belt by the age of eighteen. Now twenty-one, he has a doctorate waiting in the wings, only he finds himself burned out and with no desire to defend his dissertation. Even in the face of being disowned by his overbearing mother, he’s willing to walk away from academia. He’s in need of a job, and fortunately he’s offered one as a temporary caregiver to Clancy Makem — a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for someone who’s secretly a baseball aficionado.

Will Clancy welcome Charles — supposedly clueless when it comes to baseball — into his home, or will his teammates succeed in running the younger man off? Will Charles get the chance to work with the man he’s admired for years? And who is this person they refer to as Chuck?


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