<i>The Riderless Horse</i> by H.D. Nels

The Riderless Horse by H.D. Nels

<i>The Riderless Horse</i> by H.D. Nels

OUT NOW! The Riderless Horse by H.D. Nels

Todd Brooks is a firefighter about to enjoy a brew at his regular gay hangout when he’s duped into filling in for a bar team member who suddenly backed out of the annual gay rodeo. Not being out to family or co-workers, Todd accepts the challenge and plans his excuses for missing family and work events during the rodeo.

When he meets his rodeo teammates, Todd is immediately taken with Riley Simms, who will be coaching him on horsemanship and the events they endure. Todd falls hard for his horse, Beaumont, and even more so for his mentor, Riley. Can a closeted professional and an out and proud cowboy make it happen?

Note: This short story was originally published in the charity collection, Love Is Proud.


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