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The Riderless Horse by H.D. Nels

OUT NOW! The Riderless Horse by H.D. Nels

Todd Brooks is a firefighter about to enjoy a brew at his regular gay hangout when he’s duped into filling in for a bar team member who suddenly backed out of the annual gay rodeo. Not being out to family or co-workers, Todd accepts the challenge and plans his excuses for missing family and work events during the rodeo.

When he meets his rodeo teammates, Todd is immediately taken with Riley Simms, who will be coaching him on horsemanship and the events they endure. Todd falls hard for his horse, Beaumont, and even more so for his mentor, Riley. Can a closeted professional and an out and proud cowboy make it happen?

Note: This short story was originally published in the charity collection, Love Is Proud.


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Love, Again by H.D. Nels

OUT NOW! Love, Again by H.D. Nels

Dan Holstrom is a middle-aged widower who spent the past year wallowing in grief. His daughter is determined to get him out and socializing again, and to that end, she enlists her boyfriend, Bruce, a personal trainer at a gym, to coach her father. Bruce decides to involve his own father, Luke Fraser, to get Dan back among the living.

Luke Fraser is a gay man, a gym aficionado, and an all-around nice guy. When his son Bruce explains he has a new client who is a non-active bisexual man who withdrew socially after the death of his wife, Luke is intrigued and willing to help.

An attraction grows between Luke and Dan which slowly morphs into something more. However, Dan’s insecurities cause the budding relationship to cool, and Luke is seen out and about with another man. Reluctantly Dan agrees to accompany Luke to Calgary, where the mystery man in Luke’s life reappears.

Dan’s ready to give up and go back to his semi-reclusive life. When a misunderstanding jeopardizes their relationship, is it too late to rebuild things between the two men?


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Elements and Elephants by H.D. Nels

Elements and Elephants by H.D. Nels is now available!


Jack Bisson is a welder from Calgary, sharing a business with his brother and disapproving, emotionally distant father. Rather than celebrating his birthday with his family, Jack prefers to avoid his father and spend the evening out on his own. Jack’s meets Willem in a gay bar, a meeting that will change his life significantly.

Willem de Vries is a South African on a temporary work permit in Canada. Although smitten with Jack, Will’s insecurities lead him to abandon Jack when he suddenly returns to South Africa.

Jack follows Will, determined to learn what went wrong. When they meet again, they resume their relationship, rebuilding their trust in a remote corner of the South African wilderness. Then disaster strikes. Seriously injured Will has to fight for his life. Will he survive, and will Jack be able to endure the prospect of losing Willem once again?


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A Real Family by H.D. Nels

A Real Family by H.D. Nels is now available!


Successful lawyer Russell Bennett struggles with three issues — he’s alone, having lost his immediate family to cancer; he’s also susceptible to the disease; and he’s infatuated with his doctor, who represents everything he could ever dream of in a partner.

Dr. Peter Wilson has realised his dream of providing a safe and caring medical space for the LGBTQ population. But he’s conflicted between his personal interest in Russell Bennet and the need for professional conduct. But when Russell’s test results come back, the results are sobering.

The two decide to confront Russell’s cancer treatments together. But it isn’t happy ever after yet. A well-meaning friend arranges a reunion between Russell and his estranged father. Soon after, they meet two young orphans who’ve had their own tragedies.

With the adoption process ongoing, they all have to adapt to their new family dynamics. Then they adopt another child whose paternal grandparents take legal action to gain custody. Will Russell and Peter be able to weather the storms as they struggle to build a real family?


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If the Spirit Is Willing by H.D. Nels

If the Spirit Is Willing by H.D. Nels is now available!


When Martin Provost comes out to his family, his parents accept him but, surprisingly, his twin sister does not. On his way home, Martin’s car is hit by a truck that crosses into his lane. He survives the accident, but barely — he is unresponsive.

Anthony Carsen is a widower trying to deal with his partner’s suicide. He lives near the scene of Martin’s accident and rushes to help, though he thinks he might be too late.

Though Martin’s body is in a coma, his spirit is drawn to Anthony, and soon the two fall in love. But Martin’s isn’t the only presence in Anthony’s home, and soon other spirits make their presences known.

Martin isn’t dead, but his life is fading fast. Can Anthony convince his spirit to return to his body? Will Anthony’s late partner leave him and Martin in peace to pursue their love? If the spirit is willing …

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