<i>The Rekindled Flame</i> by J.V. Speyer

The Rekindled Flame by J.V. Speyer

<i>The Rekindled Flame</i> by J.V. Speyer

OUT NOW! The Rekindled Flame by J.V. Speyer

Is there space for second chances with so many walls between them?

Mike and Jim were best friends from their earliest childhood, and they realized they were in love in high school. But when Jim was in college and Mike in the Army, Jim took action to save a friend and apparently betrayed Mike in the worst way possible. Mike deployed before Jim could explain, and they weren’t able to reconnect.

Now Mike is the CEO of a company he inherited from his absentee father. When Jim’s world explodes and he finds himself on the run, there’s only one person he can turn to. Mike is reluctant to let Jim back into his life, but when he hears Jim’s story he knows he has no choice. That doesn’t mean things can go back to the way they were.

Even if they both want them to.

NOTE: Contains mentions of past sexual assault, past violence against women (neither graphic), and an extremely gassy pug.


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