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Winterwood Academy Book 3: Hunted by Kate A. Fox

OUT NOW! Winterwood Academy Book 3: Hunted by Kate A. Fox

Everyone around me gets hurt.

I hate the thought of leaving my friends alone, but the Winterwood Academy is no longer a safe haven for me. Everybody thinks that I’m dead and I want to keep it that way before the one who put me six feet under learns that I’m back from the dead.

But before I have time to escape, the arrival of my father and the Witch Council brings a whole new set of troubles my way.

Not only am I to discover that I have a twin sister, but someone I trusted has betrayed me. I have to get away from this cursed academy.

An inexperienced witch like me wouldn’t last long in the real world. I’m glad Merrin found me a place to stay with a nice old lady and a seriously hot grandson — Matthew.

Stay low, resist the urge to tell someone I care that I’m alive, and don’t draw attention to myself. That’s what I should do. It shouldn’t be hard, but nothing in my life is ever easy.

A crazy attraction for Matthew and bumping into an old friend and my former nemesis at a party are the least of my problems. Add an almost deadly werewolf attack, a sexy hunter with a short temper, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

How am I supposed to get my life together when everything just keeps exploding in my face?


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Winterwood Academy Book 2: Buried by Kate A. Fox

OUT NOW! Winterwood Academy Book 2: Buried by Kate A. Fox

Just when I thought that going to a new school could be a fresh start for me, I realise I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Not only has my almost-boyfriend dubbed me “The Queen of Freaks,” but it turns out I’m way more powerful than anyone could have ever imagined. That would be all well and good if everything was as it should have been at the Winterwood Academy but what most people don’t know is that there’s danger inside the walls of the Academy far worse than anything we might face outside the Wardings.

Students are dying, and other than my super hot sidekick, I’m the only one who knows that there is a serial killer on the loose.

When my newfound powers attract the attention of one of the most dangerous witches the Winterwood Academy has ever seen, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it out alive.


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Winterwood Academy Book 1: Gifted by Kate A. Fox

OUT NOW! Winterwood Academy Book 1: Gifted by Kate A. Fox

Three’s a crowd. At least that’s what I’ve heard, and I’ve definitely come to learn that it’s true. My best friend’s new girlfriend is a complete pain in the ass, and if it wasn’t for me being on my last warning at Gilford High, I’d definitely do something about it.

The consequences of my doing so aren’t just your usual slap on the wrist kind of punishments. When strange things begin to happen, and my eyes start to freaking GLOW, I’m whisked away to … you guessed it … the Winterwood Academy for the ‘Gifted.’

I don’t feel very gifted. In fact, I feel like the biggest freak in an entire school of freaks. As the hottest guy at the Academy would say, “I’m the Queen of Freaks,” but coming from him, it’s actually kind of sweet.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that not only am I having strange encounters with a Goddamn Goddess, I’m also hearing voices in my head, and there’s a book in the Academy library that’s actually TALKING to me!

They say that only a true Winterwood Witch is capable of opening that book, so why the hell does it want anything to do with me?


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Secrets of the Tomb by Deva Shore

OUT NOW! Secrets of the Tomb by Deva Shore

Natasha has been plagued by dreams of Egypt for years. Taunted about her weight by her classmates, she throws herself into her studies. Spurred on by her obsession with all things Egypt, she enters a competition and wins a trip to Egypt to work on a dig with archaeologists. As a precondition, she must lose weight to meet the physical requirements of the trip.

Her need to lose weight fast leads her to a hypnotherapist. Under hypnosis, she discovers she once lived an extraordinary former life as Tilia, a serving girl to Princess Zenithia of Egypt.

As her incredible journey begins, she discovers who she was, who she is now, and who she will ultimately become.


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Plantation Children by Kim Pierce

OUT NOW! Plantation Children by Kim Pierce

Tennessee, 1862. Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Edwards hates her personal slave, Anna. Elizabeth has never given much thought to the plight of the slaves on her father’s plantation; instead, she focuses on pretty dresses and horses, and dreams of the young man she wants to marry.

But Elizabeth’s world collapses when she is told she must marry her cousin to keep the plantation in the family. Elizabeth takes out her anger on Anna, who finally snaps and reveals that Elizabeth and she have the same father. Anna is brutally whipped the next day, and Elizabeth is horrified. When she tries to confide in her mother, she finds her secretly kissing Elizabeth’s tutor.

Elizabeth now feels she has nothing and nobody. She changes her attitude about Anna and asks her to run away with her. They are overheard by two stable hands, Fred and Sam, who have heard of a safe house on the Underground Railroad. The four of them set off, planning to reach Canada.

Will they all make it to Canada alive? Does Anna truly forgive Elizabeth, or is she just using her? Is it possible to find love on the run?


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