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Harvey’s Bargains by Tristan Cole

OUT NOW! Harvey’s Bargains by Tristan Cole

When bottom boy Cameron invites his friend Harvey to hang out, he knows he’s going to have trouble resisting Harvey’s cleverness and seductive charms. But he’ll have to if he’s going to stay faithful to his boyfriend Law. Then Harvey, a well-to-do African-American top, discovers Cameron’s porn collection, each video featuring a number of black men enjoying one white bottom. Cameron is ashamed of his obsession but Harvey is intrigued. Then Cameron gets a text informing him Law is a liar and a cheater.

Harvey immediately suggests a bargain. Cameron should get rid of Law and seek out his true desire: to be dominated by Harvey and his friends. If Cameron “behaves” and yields to Harvey’s wishes for three years, Harvey will pay off Cameron’s enormous college loans.

Cameron can’t imagine anything he wants more, but never saying no is insane, isn’t it? How can he possibly keep up his part of the bargain?


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