<i>Straddling the Line</i> by A.F. Henley

Straddling the Line by A.F. Henley

<i>Straddling the Line</i> by A.F. Henley

OUT NOW! Straddling the Line by A.F. Henley

Scott Riley has lived his whole life in the Town of Sunridge but spent most of his childhood certain that the first thing he would do when he got old enough was leave. That was until Sid’s Tavern came up for sale, though. With a little bit of money and a lot of hard work, he is confident that he will be able to refresh the bar and add a little bit of life to the town. He also knows that’s going to be hard to do all alone. So, when a slightly disheveled but desperate and willing to work young man shows up asking for a job, it seems as though fate has intervened.

Lee Warner brings a dark past with him, but he’s sober, hungry, and willing to try just about anything if it will bring him a sense of purpose and renew his energy. Walking into that tavern was meant to be nothing more than a chance for opportunity, but that was before Lee got a good look at Scott. With hair the color of a sunset and a nervous energy to match it, Scott is revitalizing Lee in ways Lee never expected.

That seems to be contagious energy, however, and as Scott is as straight as they come, he can’t understand why Lee is awakening feelings in him. Or how to turn those feelings off.


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