<i>Stallions and Studs Box Set</i> by Terry O’Reilly

Stallions and Studs Box Set by Terry O’Reilly

<i>Stallions and Studs Box Set</i> by Terry O’Reilly

Stallions and Studs Box Set by Terry O’Reilly is now available!


Two hours outside of Boise, Idaho, is a sign that reads, “Welcome to Stallions and Studs.”

In the four stories corralled together in this collection, read about the cowboys who work the ranch and the men who come there to live out their cowboy fantasies. Riding, herding cattle, rodeoing along with moonlit trail rides, snuggling by a camp fire, and rolling around in the hay are just some of the activities available to the guests seeking to lasso themselves some cowboy fun. And for a few, if they’re lucky, a whole lot more.

Contains the stories:

Shoulda Been a Cowboy: Charlie Bradley, enthralled with cowboys, chooses a dude ranch for his summer vacation. There he meets Wade Connors who, in addition to being his riding instructor, romances Charlie as his playmate of the week. What happens when Charlie’s week ends and he has to return home?

Back in the Saddle Again: Mack MacIntyre has left his life as a cowboy behind. For 35 years he’s been a devoted husband, father, and businessman far from his roots in the west. One day that old life, in the form of Seth Buchanan, comes knocking on his door. Seth has a dream. Does Mack have the courage to share in it?

Rodeo Cowboy: Lex Cunningham and Trent Boxwood ride rodeo together. Lex hopes Trent’s friendship can be turned to something more, but when he acts on signs that Trent is interested, Trent rebuffs him. Why? Will Trent overcome what stands between them?

Reining In Rio: The single life is just fine for Rio Cody. His motto is monogamy is monotony. However, at a local horse show he meets someone who may turn that notion inside out. But Mark Wembly is not at all Rio’s type and is a pain in the butt to boot. Will Rio continue to ride alone, or will Mark rein him in?

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EXCERPT FROM “Shoulda Been a Cowboy”

Wade had Charlie follow him up a ladder, through a trap door, and into the loft. The smell of the sweet hay filled Charlie’s nostrils. Wade held a battery powered lantern so they could make their way in the darkness.

Charlie could hear birds cooing in the rafters as the pair disturbed them. He looked up.

“Pigeons,” Wade said softly.

They made their way down a hay corridor, bales stacked neatly on either side. At the end of the corridor they came to an open area. Charlie looked around as Wade placed the lantern on a shelf of hay.

The room was about the size of a horse’s stall, in the center of which was spread a bedroll. It was clear to Charlie the area was set up for this specific purpose.

Wade indicated Charlie should lie down on the blanket. Standing over him, Wade’s already mammoth size appeared to be magnified by the lantern light. Charlie shuddered with anticipation.

“Most everybody’s got themselves a fantasy about a roll in the hay. That true fer ya, cowboy?”

Charlie nodded.

“Well then, let’s not waste time. Let the fantasy begin.”

Wade slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He slid it off his shoulders and tossed it casually aside. His magnificent hair-covered chest and rippled abs caught the lantern light and were framed in its glow. Charlie’s cock lost no time in responding.

The cowboy then undid the silver championship buckle and removed his belt. He bent and deftly removed one cowboy boot then the other. Standing again, he unzipped and folded the sides of the fly back, exposing his dense growth of black pubic hair. Mesmerized, Charlie began to stroke his swollen organ through his jeans.

“Careful there, boy,” Wade admonished. “Don’t want the show ta be over before it really gits goin’.”

Charlie obeyed.

Wade slowly lowered his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear. His hard, thick cock sprang free and stood just beyond horizontal, the head barely poking out of its shroud of foreskin, his full, round balls protruding as if cinched by a cockring.

Charlie bit his lower lip as Wade’s pillar-like legs appeared, each muscle of his magnificent quads defined from the one next to it. Wade kicked the discarded pants to the side and stood, hands hanging at his sides, the lantern casting a massive shadow behind him on the hay bale walls. He looked down on Charlie, who could feel his briefs getting wet with pre-cum.

Lowering himself to the bedroll, without removing his cowboy hat, Wade lay on his side next to Charlie leaning on an elbow. He reached out and wrapped a hand around Charlie’s head and pulled him close and kissed him. Charlie opened his lips and allowed the cowboy’s tongue to enter and play with his own. He wrapped his arms around Wade and surrendered to the lust that surged through his body. It had been seven years since he’d been with anyone except Jared, and never in his life had he ever been with a man the proportions of Wade Connors.

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