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And Mama Makes Twelve by Terry O’Reilly

OUT NOW! And Mama Makes Twelve by Terry O’Reilly

Arnie Whitehall finds a stray dog during a snow storm and brings her home, where she promptly gives birth to eleven puppies. Over his partner Jason Feldman’s objections that they’re breaking their lease, Arnie is determined to keep Mama and her brood.

Arnie feels an instant attraction to Dr. Collin O’Connor when he takes Mama and the pups to the vet’s. Although Arnie resists, it soon becomes obvious the feeling is mutual. And where’s the harm? Arnie and Jason have become more like roommates than boyfriends over the years.

Will Arnie, Mama, and her babies be left homeless when their landlord finds out? Or will Collin come to the rescue and offer them a home and much more?


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Love Wins Anthology edited by J.M. Snyder

OUT NOW! Love Wins Anthology edited by J.M. Snyder

In 2016, JMS Books released a series of stories celebrating the US Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage. This anthology features eight of the best-selling stories in the series.

With stories by Lisa Gray, Drew Hunt, Nell Iris, A.R. Moler, K.L. Noone, Terry O’Reilly, Tinnean, and J.D. Walker, these tales of M/M romance and erotic romance feature gay couplea who finally get the chance to formally declare their love for each other!

Contains the stories: I Do, I Don’t by Lisa Gray, Married Cowboy by Drew Hunt, Unconditionally by Nell Iris, For the Last Time by A.R. Moler, A Demon for Forever by K.L. Noone, First and Goal by Terry O’Reilly, Ace-High Royal Flush by Tinnean, and Paulie and the Wedding Bell Grouch by J.D. Walker.


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A Stronger Calling by Terry O’Reilly

OUT NOW! A Stronger Calling by Terry O’Reilly

William Neilsen grew up on a farm next to The Abbey of the Falls. When his parents died in a tragic car accident while he was a teenager, the abbot agreed to offer a home to William, in exchange for him taking care of the farm, the produce from which fed the monks. The excess was to be sold in the abbey store and cheese and wine shop. William was happy living at the abbey. However, he never felt a religious calling to become a monk and the abbot never pressured him to do so.

Although he loves working in the fields and with the animals, it becomes too much for William to do alone. William asks the abbot for help and his request is answered when a young man, Samuel Drake, joins the abbey. William is confused both by his feelings for Samuel and Samuel’s open and flirtatious behavior towards him. Samuel isn’t like any postulant William has ever known, but he doesn’t feel comfortable quizzing the young man about the nature of his calling to become a monk.

William’s discomfort and guilt intensify as his relationship with Samuel becomes more emotional and then physical. Although William hasn’t taken a vow of chastity, that is Samuel’s eventual goal. Or is it? Do William and Samuel have a stronger calling?


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The Deal Breaker by Terry O’Reilly

OUT NOW! The Deal Breaker by Terry O’Reilly

What do you do when you’re a popular porn star and the love of your life is deeply religious and totally closeted? Why, you keep your true identity from him, create an alternate reality, and hope he doesn’t find out, of course. Because, if he ever does, that would be the deal breaker. That was Jordan Hearst’s reasoning, anyway. However, despite Jordan’s best efforts at keeping his charade a secret, Spenser Hudson does find out.

Having a liar and a porn star as a boyfriend is a deal breaker as far as the devastated Spenser is concerned. Fearing the loss of both his job and his family, Spenser abruptly disappears from Jordan’s life, castigating himself for ever letting his carnal desires override his faith, thus allowing him to fall in love with the handsome, charming Jordan.

With all attempts at reconciliation rebuffed, Jordan tries to move on, but the love he feels for Spenser won’t go away, making it impossible for him to return to his job of having meaningless sex in front of the cameras.

Spenser is given a different perspective on his and Jordan’s situation from an unlikely source. Can the love he still feels for Jordan be the key to rekindling what they once shared? Is it enough to make Spenser see there’s more than one way to look at the deal life has given him? Can a new deal to be struck?


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Guest post by Terry O’Reilly

I never intended to be a writer. It never occurred to me, not once, as I was growing up that someday I’d be writing stories that would be published. Yet, here I am today at 78 years old, a published author of several dozen books and short stories. How does something like this happen? It’s a tale that some may find interesting.

Several years ago I discovered a free online site on which amateur writers could post their work. I began reading some of the stories and discovered several by a man named Drew Hunt. I found them to be intriguing, and after reading several of them, I decided to write to him and let him know how much I appreciated his writing. We began a regular correspondence, and we became friends.

He mentioned several times he thought I had a knack for writing, and I should try my hand at it. I was amused by this, for as I said, I never imagined myself as an author. He persisted, however, and so, one Christmas I decided to write a story for him as his Christmas gift. It was about a homeless man taken in by a widower during a snowstorm in the week prior to Christmas. I called it One Night In December. It was more a lark than anything, but I worked hard on it and sent it to him.

Drew liked it and began a campaign to get me to post it on the same site on which he posted his works. It took him a while, but his British bulldog tenacity paid off, and I gave in. The story was about 4,000 words in length and covered four days in the lives of the two main characters. To my surprise, within days of the postings I began to receive emails from readers who not only liked the story, but demanded I tell them more about the lives of the homeless man and his rescuer.

I discussed this turn of events with Drew, and with his help I embarked on my journey to becoming an author. Over the next year or so I expanded my original story to include seven Christmases and the intervening years in the story of David and Andrew.

At first, I stumbled and struggled to find things that I thought might be interesting enough to add to the story. Drew encouraged me to write what I knew, and the story became roughly an autobiography as I included many experiences from my own life with dogs, horses, sports, and coming out to my family. Once again, with each new installment, emails arrived expressing appreciation and curiosity as to what would happen next.

By the time ONID (the acronym for One Night in December Drew and I used when discussing the story) was completed, Drew was encouraging me to try publishing it with a professional company. Was he kidding? It turned out he wasn’t. So, knowing it was useless to argue with him, I embarked on finding a place to submit my story.

Again to my surprise, it was accepted by the first publisher I contacted. They assigned me an editor. Since the story was so long, she suggested it be divided into two books. So it became One Night in December and With These Rings. Eventually a third book was added, The Next Generation. The books sold well, and I went on to write several more over the next couples of years on topics other than the lives of David and Andrew.

Drew then approached me, saying a good friend of his was starting her own publishing company and was interested in having me publish with her. This, of course, was JMS. I was excited to be invited. And so began a very happy and satisfying relationship. I have been writing with JMS for ten years.

Surprise, surprise, I am an author.

P.S. Drew and I are still good friends, and BTW, he’s my editor now as well.

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