<i>Spider Prince</i> by Iyana Jenna

Spider Prince by Iyana Jenna

<i>Spider Prince</i> by Iyana Jenna

OUT NOW! Spider Prince by Iyana Jenna

The eight-legged monster Ghaelt wasn’t always the way he is now. He might’ve been hairy in the past, but he definitely wasn’t eight-legged. It was the work of a witch that cursed him like this. And to return to his usual self, there is something he needs to do.

Aleich Rhaydyn should know not to wander at the forest at night, for there are many unnamed creatures who might or might not have foul intentions to him. He ends up getting abducted by the spider Ghaelt. But that isn’t all that’s waiting for him. Is he ready for the surprise coming from his captor?


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