<i>Something Borrowed</i> by Alex Winters

Something Borrowed by Alex Winters

<i>Something Borrowed</i> by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! Something Borrowed by Alex Winters

A stolen kiss and stubborn witness equal a lifelong bond between three young friends, but will this simmering secret tear them all apart or bring them even closer together?

Lexi, Grace, and Lydia all worked together, waiting tables during their gap year. At a Christmas party, Lexi and Grace shared an intimate, one-time kiss, never to be spoken of again. They thought no one had seen, but Lydia had. She, too, never mentioned it.

Five years later, the three have gone their separate ways. When Lexi and Grace receive invitations to Lydia’s wedding, they can’t fathom why. That is, until it’s clear Lydia considers them a couple, despite not having seen each other for years, and has given them an all-expenses paid week at an exclusive resort to see if their stolen kiss has stood the test of time.

Now all they have to do is make up for lost time, even if takes the rest of their lives …


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