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Costume Capers by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! Costume Capers by Alex Winters

Boone Parker has just gotten a special delivery. The only problem is, it was sent to the wrong address. Lucky for him, the right address is next door, where a sexy nerd named Dayton Fairchild — that’s what it says on the address label — has just moved in. Seizing his opportunity, Boone shows up on Dayton’s doorstep to return the package.

Dayton Fairchild has a secret: he’s been crushing on the sexy jock next door and, when his Gamma Man costume shows up just in time for Halloween, he slips it on his neighbor’s doorstep before ringing the bell and scampering away. The ruse works, but his shy neighbor isn’t picking up on any of Dayton’s sexy hints when he returns the package. Or is he?

When Dayton steps out on Halloween in his new costume, he’s thrilled to see his neighbor dressed as Radon Ralph, Gamma Man’s trusty sidekick. When the costumes come off and the lovers indulge in their wildest fantasies, their frisky “meet cute” turns into a night of steamy confessions and daring discoveries. What will the morning bring?


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Stroke of Luck by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! Stroke of Luck by Alex Winters

Mason Jaspers is a virgin, but that’s about to change. At least, he hopes so. Then again, it all depends on his longtime crush and current tutoring student Owen Fairchild.

Owen is everything Mason is not: the confident jock to Mason’s insecure nerd, taut and toned where Mason is long and gawky, tan and ruddy where Mason is pale and smooth, and far from a virgin. Owen is GSU’s resident cock of the walk: openly gay and eagerly slutty, sleeping with any guy he can, as often as he can, before moving onto the next. And the next and the next …

Because this summer will be spent rehabbing an old farmhouse as part of their Residential Real Estate course, and the two opposites must share the same house, for better or worse. And when Mason walks in on Owen pleasuring himself, things escalate in a way neither can deny, let alone prevent …


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Adjoining Rooms by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! Adjoining Rooms by Alex Winters

One kiss tore them apart. Will a second bring them back together?

Knox Townsend can hardly believe it when he walks into Playgroundz Café to find his old high school crush, Trevor Channing, working the cash register. Once upon a time, the two shared a smoldering, passionate kiss while their prom dates were passed out … and never spoke of it again. Now Knox is back in town for the next week to upgrade the café’s coffee machines. But the only thing he really wants to upgrade are his feelings for Trevor, long simmering and now reignited. This time, hopefully for good!

Trevor hasn’t seen Knox since he left town right after graduation without so much as a backward glance. Suddenly he’s Trevor’s boss and staying at the same hotel where they’d shared their first, and only, kiss. One of the front desk clerks is Trevor’s regular customer and, for a few gift cards, Trevor checks into the room next door to Knox’s. The room with the adjoining doors he plans to keep unlocked all week, just in case!


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