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Something Borrowed by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! Something Borrowed by Alex Winters

A stolen kiss and stubborn witness equal a lifelong bond between three young friends, but will this simmering secret tear them all apart or bring them even closer together?

Lexi, Grace, and Lydia all worked together, waiting tables during their gap year. At a Christmas party, Lexi and Grace shared an intimate, one-time kiss, never to be spoken of again. They thought no one had seen, but Lydia had. She, too, never mentioned it.

Five years later, the three have gone their separate ways. When Lexi and Grace receive invitations to Lydia’s wedding, they can’t fathom why. That is, until it’s clear Lydia considers them a couple, despite not having seen each other for years, and has given them an all-expenses paid week at an exclusive resort to see if their stolen kiss has stood the test of time.

Now all they have to do is make up for lost time, even if takes the rest of their lives …


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Snow Way by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! Snow Way by Alex Winters

It may be a brand new year, but Jace Carrollton is still in the same, boring slump: he’s dropped out of college and as the Strolling Snowman, walks around the mall all day wearing a musty snowman costume for a living. The only highlight of the job is Cory, the sexy owner of Vintage Vinyl, where Jace shops just for an excuse to flirt.

Cory Fairfield can’t believe it’s the last night of the mall’s Winter Wonderland promotion and, as such, the last time Jace will wear his furry snowman costume and walk in his store. Somehow Cory finds the courage to make his move: by hanging a faded sprig of mistletoe over Jace’s locker and offering to unzip his snowman costume, once and for all.

He’s finally shot his shot, but will Jace fall for it? And if so, what can an old grump do to melt his sexy snowman’s heart, one mistletoe kiss at a time?


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Retro Active by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! Retro Active by Alex Winters

Sometimes to play nice, you have to get a little naughty …

Taylor Hastings couldn’t be prouder as she sets about stocking Retro Active, her vintage memorabilia shop in downtown Chance, Ohio. The only thing missing? The pop culture-inspired mural she’s hired a local artist to complete before the store’s grand opening at the end of the month. But when Daisy, the artist in question, arrives, Taylor can’t help but fall for the sexy goth temptress, alluring from her sleeve tattoos to her comely ripe figure to her fishnet stockings.

Daisy Fitzgerald has never met anyone like Taylor. Ten years older but sexier than any of her more age appropriate lovers, Daisy struggles to keep things professional as she sets about creating a magical mural for her tempting new boss. Will the two be able to keep things professional until the mural is finally finished? Or will their temptation prove too strong, turning their fanciful “meet cute” into a masterpiece of love instead?


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The Do Over by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! The Do Over by Alex Winters

Jude Danvers is no virgin, but after a two-year dry spell, he might as well be. No wonder he can’t stop peeping on his sexy new neighbor, whose dining room window just happens to face his own. When the poor guy has a table set for two and a date who doesn’t show, Jude puts a covert plan into action to invite himself over and try to see if he can’t find romance a little closer to home for a change.

Evan Peters is a virgin who, after coming out to his long-time roommate, moved out to start a life on his own and wants to lose his virginity as fast as he can. Namely, by inviting random strangers over to dinner, none of whom have taken him up on his offer yet. When his new neighbor Jude comes to the rescue after one such disastrous non-date, the two strike a sexy deal: Jude will finally punch Evan’s V-card and, since Jude’s first time with some musclebound hunk on the down low was so disastrous, Evan will be his “do over.”

Will the one-night stand be a match made in heaven? Or will the two screw it all up by catching feelings and making it a one-life stand instead?


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Summer Hours by Alex Winters

OUT NOW! Summer Hours by Alex Winters

Hope Hampton is back home for the summer, fresh off her freshman year at college. As usual, she’s spending the next ten weeks dishing up fried clam strips and hush puppies at the Shrimp Shack food truck. Licking her wounds after a nasty scandal back at school, all Hope wants to do is fry seafood, bank her paychecks, and lay low for the summer. That is, until she spots the sexy new girl dishing up smoothies in the food truck across the way.

Jade McPhee has had it with love. Burned one too many times, she’s renting a trailer after a cross country odyssey left her heartbroken and broke. A job making smoothies isn’t exactly her idea of heaven on earth, but it pays the bills until she can decide on her next move.

When the sexy tomboy from the Shrimp Shack lends her a raincoat during an afternoon thunderstorm, the good girl home on summer break and the punk chick on the run catch lightning in a bottle all summer long! Can their rainy, opposites attract meet cute stand the test of time? Or will it be just another summer fling?


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