<i>Queerwolf</i> by Rob Rosen

Queerwolf by Rob Rosen

<i>Queerwolf</i> by Rob Rosen

OUT NOW! Queerwolf by Rob Rosen

When you wake up on a ferry, naked, in a pool of blood, there’s nowhere else to go but up. Up, that is, into the arms of your hunky upstairs neighbor. And so starts the comic misadventure of Blake and Ted as they go from San Francisco to Salt Lake City to Las Vegas and back again, collecting their motley wolfpack along the way, not to mention a whole slew of unexpected surprises.

Will good win out? Can different really be better? And can the Queerwolf keep his new breed of pack together and alive? Read on to find out, but better leave the doors locked because this pack travels on its stomach … and you could be next on the menu!


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