<i>More Than Enough</i> by Shawn Lane

More Than Enough by Shawn Lane

<i>More Than Enough</i> by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! More Than Enough by Shawn Lane

Bart Smith, struggles with the day to day life of trying to keep his minor sister out of the range of their abusive father. He dreams of getting them both away once she turns eighteen. He doesn’t think any guy would have an interest in someone like him, but he does have a thing for athletes. The one time he gave into that attraction, however, turned out to be a complete disaster. Now he’s leery of all guys, especially gorgeous junior, Evan Caruthers.

Sweet, sexy Bart is just Evan’s type, though it takes a bit of doing to convince the hot little redhead that his interest in genuine. Eventually Evan’s patience pays off, and Bart lets down his guard, believing he’s ready to take a chance on a relationship with Evan.

But as Bart’s home life goes from bad to worse, Bart and Evan may lose that chance for good.


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