<i>Irish Coffee</i> by Ernestine Coleman-Dupree

Irish Coffee by Ernestine Coleman-Dupree

<i>Irish Coffee</i> by Ernestine Coleman-Dupree

OUT NOW! Irish Coffee by Ernestine Coleman-Dupree

Emmanuel Durant is no stranger to fate playing hardball with him. Life came at him fast a few years ago, and when the dust settled, he was in a wheelchair. He didn’t let that stop him but he’s still adjusting. When a fire in his apartment building drives him out in the middle of the night, his biggest concern is his missing cat. Then a handsome stranger hands the feline back to him, and Emmanuel couldn’t be more grateful.

Neil Jardin is an easygoing pilot and businessman who keeps to himself. He’s doing just that after a late night landing and even later dinner at his favorite cafe. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself scaling a tree in the wee hours of the morning to save a kitten from an apartment fire. A short conversation with the animal’s owner turns into an impromptu date that’s more fun than it has any right to be, considering the situation.

Can a chance meeting under unusual and trying circumstances turn into just what two jaded souls need to open up and consider love again?


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