Gears and Tears by Louise Collins

Gears and Tears by Louise Collins is now available!

For as long as Sam can remember, he’s had the hots for his best friend’s dad. Sandy blond hair, icy blue eyes, not to mention he’s a paramedic and literally saves lives … Dean sets Sam’s heart racing. He makes Sam nervous, excited, embarrassed, and a whole host of other emotions Sam struggles to control.

With his best friend away at university, Sam’s run out of excuses to see Dean. He admires from afar until he decides to retake his failed studies. For that he needs Ellie’s textbooks.

To Sam’s surprise, Dean offers his home as a private study room, and Sam can’t resist. Soon they bond over Dean’s favorite show, Gears and Tears, watching every episode together as something unspoken grows between them.

There’s an obvious age gap, but Sam can’t help how he feels. There are thirteen episodes of Gears and Tears, and Sam prays isn’t an unlucky omen. Where will things go between them as the series plays out?


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