<i>Free Willy</i> by Rob Rosen

Free Willy by Rob Rosen

<i>Free Willy</i> by Rob Rosen

Free Willy by Rob Rosen is now available!


Brad likes to go commando, and freeing his willy at work turns him on. Sometimes he even gets off on it, which only adds to the excitement.

But he must be losing his touch, because his coworker Lou catches him in the act. The two are workplace adversaries, always trying to one-up each other, and Lou constantly undermines Brad in front of the bigwigs. If he tells anyone Brad jerks off at work …

To say Brad hates Lou would be an understatement. But there’s no denying the man is sexy as hell. What might Brad be able to do to keep Lou from outing him?

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I’ve always had a penchant for going commando. Oh sure, it saves big bucks on boxers, but mostly it’s because I long ago found that if I cut holes in the front pockets of my pants, I could play with my cock any time of the day. It looks like I’m searching for some change or car keys or the like, but in actuality I’m pulling my pud, stroking my rod, yanking my nuts, and trying my darndest not to shoot a load down my leg — and all in broad daylight, for the whole world to see. Or, that is to say, of course, not see.

Oh, and of course, if I can reach in, my cock can also come out. In fact, freeing Willy has become a sort of favorite pastime of mine.

Sitting at my desk at work, safe in my cubicle, I pull my prick through the hole, where it juts up, hard as granite, resting comfortably inside my pocket as I squeeze and tease my leaking helmeted head. On occasion I even sheath the beast and rip off a heavy one, a mere few feet away from several coworkers on either side of my cubicle walls.

And, best yet, I’ve never been caught.

That is to say, I’d never been caught before now.

Like any pastime, mine became second nature, a habit — and one that I’d grown lazy trying to keep a secret. And secrets, in any environment where people are trying to get ahead, are better kept hidden, locked away — or, as the case may be, zippered up.

“Hi, Brad,” said my coworker, Lou, that fateful day. “What’s up?”

I hated Lou. I mean really and truly totally fucking hated. See, the guy was always trying to one-up me, stealing my ideas and then taking the credit, undermining me in front of the bigwigs. Plus, he was handsome as all hell and well aware of it. In other words, he was an egotistical prick. Meaning, hate was not too strong a word.

This is why, when he walked around my desk and stood behind me, I knew something was wrong. “Um, not much up here,” I replied, clenching my jaw. “Something you lost?”

He laughed and bent down, his breath warming the nape of my neck. “Nope. Something I found, though.” Then he did something that surprised the shit out of me. On my desk, he tossed a come-filled rubber. A blue one. And one that I recognized from the day before.

My heart skipped a beat. “Couldn’t wait until you got home, Lou?” I asked, trying to stall the inevitable.

“I might ask you the same question; it was in your trashcan,” he whispered in my ear, low and deep and wickedly calm.

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