<i>Drama Queen</i> by Alexandra Caluen

Drama Queen by Alexandra Caluen

<i>Drama Queen</i> by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! Drama Queen by Alexandra Caluen

When set medic Koa Sanders meets actor/stuntman Loren McCall, sparks fly. Loren himself just went flying — and got knocked out — in a dangerous collision stunt, setting off all Koa’s protective instincts. At the end of the day, when Loren suggests he wouldn’t mind having someone at home for post-head-injury monitoring, Koa tells himself it’s only to make sure the actor is okay. By the time he leaves the next morning, they’ve tested the question very thoroughly … and they want to see each other again.

Loren is already thinking about drawing the line under stunt work. When his agent sends word of a potentially career-changing audition, he decides this is the time to take the leap. He’s facing a huge loss in the coming months. Getting a big part will complicate matters in a big way. But Koa’s right there, telling Loren he’ll help.

Neither man was looking for a boyfriend; neither is willing to dismiss their instant connection. Loren isn’t used to needing help; Koa isn’t used to someone wanting it. And if they get through the year’s challenges together, their lives will change forever.


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