<i>Cruising on Christmas</i> by Marco May

Cruising on Christmas by Marco May

<i>Cruising on Christmas</i> by Marco May

OUT NOW! Cruising on Christmas by Marco May

Alex is a cocky and proud slut. Since he’s been hurt by love, he avoids it at all costs. He comes up with a new challenge for his popular blog: to hook up on Christmas Day by midnight. However, the hookup has to be with a guy so unforgettable that Alex will remember him forever.

Juanito is Alex’s best friend with benefits who’s a well-known porn star. They’ve had feelings for each other for years, but Juanito avoids love for the same reason. Alex tries to move on and focuses on the challenge.

Enter Miguel, a guy Alex’s mom introduces him to in church. Miguel isn’t just religious, he’s beautiful too, and Alex sees him as the perfect candidate for the challenge. Since Miguel is into romance and not hookups, Alex is willing to accept the extra challenge.

As Alex gets to know Miguel more, he learns Miguel has a naughty side. They start developing feelings for each other, putting Alex’s challenge at risk. He seeks help from Juanito, who comes up with an idea that could help Alex win the challenge and still date Miguel.

What Alex doesn’t realize is he isn’t the only one interested in Miguel, too. What’s more, Miguel reveals his own feelings for Juanito. Can this bring the three closer and change everything forever?


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