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Like Puzzle Pieces by T.K. Dane

OUT NOW! Like Puzzle Pieces by T.K. Dane

Ben Harper can’t understand why his best friend and roommate for the past five years always gets involved with the wrong men. Feeling protective, Ben is seriously concerned about his friend’s latest date, which leads to an ugly confrontation.

Sammy Matthews thinks he needs love more than he needs saving. He has known rejection and abuse since he was a child, and has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Sammy still has to realize he needs to deal with his past before he’ll find acceptance, and then love.

When Ben and Sammy confess their true feelings to each other, their lives change irrevocably. But will Sammy heal from his past wounds? How will Ben deal with the demons from Sammy’s past and the unexpected chemistry between them? Will the two men enjoy and cherish their natural fit?


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