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The Only Thing that Ever Made Sense by M.K. Lee

OUT NOW! The Only Thing that Ever Made Sense by M.K. Lee

Navy vet Aiden Cadotte might just be firefighter Beto Cepeda’s undoing. Beto thought he had left him in the past, both on the joint base they operated from in Iraq and in the parts of himself Beto has tried to deny. But when Aiden shows up while Beto is on a call with his crew, Beto is transported back to a time when he wanted things from Aiden he could never let himself have. What’s stopping him from having those things now?

The answer is Beto. Because despite Aiden’s unwavering patience, theirs is a relationship built on hurt and holding back. And though Beto wants Aiden more than he has ever wanted anything, there is still a part of him too scared to try.

Can Aiden give Beto the time he needs to find himself, or will he leave before Beto can hurt him again?


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