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From Different Worlds by A.K. Williams

OUT NOW! From Different Worlds by A.K. Williams

Sometimes true love seems to come at warp speed from another planet.

Two strangers who seem to be from different worlds learn how opposites attract when a short, skinny nerd meets a big, strong bodybuilder during a costume contest at a science fiction convention. Both are wearing skimpy, revealing costumes, and the sexual tension is palpable. But what happens later when the costumes come off?

Steve Morgan is shy, sensitive, and introverted. The quintessential nerd with social anxiety so severe, he often stutters and can sometimes barely even speak at all. Adam Baxter is tall, strong, bold, and exuberant. Everyone wants him, but he only has eyes for one guy in particular. In almost every way, they’re as different as night and day. And yet they’re also like opposite sides of the same coin.

Steve finds it hard to believe a big, strong hunk like Adam could actually be interested in a skinny little geek like him. But Adam is a kind, gentle giant who quickly realizes he’ll need to hold back on his naturally flirty, boisterous behavior to keep from scaring away his timid crush.

As they get to know each other better, Steve is hesitant to divulge his life-long health problems because it makes him look like bad boyfriend material. But after a severe health crisis strikes, will Adam still care enough to hang around? Or will Steve have to go back to being all alone like always?


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