Snowed In: Nikki and Brynn by Jodi Hutchins

Snowed In: Nikki and Brynn by Jodi Hutchins is now available!

Registered nurse Brynn Norseman hasn’t had the easiest time in her career. Her days at work are spent in the quiet telemetry monitoring station instead of where she truly wants to be — caring for patients.

All Nikki Mortelli ever wanted was to become a lawyer, but bailing out trust fund brats and corporate sharks wasn’t what she had in mind when she’d passed her bar exam.

A late night spent perusing through the aisles of the local co-op ends in a chance meeting between the two women. Though instantly infatuated with the other woman, Brynn worries her tattered past will get in the way of a meaningful connection. When they’re forced together during a freak snowstorm, can Brynn put her fears aside and open up to Nikki?


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