<i>Craving Kismet</i> by Jamie Craig

Craving Kismet by Jamie Craig

<i>Craving Kismet</i> by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! Craving Kismet by Jamie Craig

Jenny Rohm thinks she has it all — a job she loves, an engagement to her high school sweetheart, a future bright with promise. Then she meets attorney Ashley Edwards and discovers desire doesn’t care how settled your life might be.

It starts with a single fantasy. His. Hers. One leads to two, two leads to three, three leads to more. Fantasizing about his wicked mouth or her sinful curves doesn’t satisfy either of them for long, though. The more Jenny gets to know Ash, the less she can deny the truths he insists on exposing.

The question remains … is it worth risking everything she has to quench the cravings? Not even Ash can give the answer to that. When it comes to what she wants, only Jenny can make the choice.


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