<i>Cameron Andrews Box Set</i> by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

Cameron Andrews Box Set by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

<i>Cameron Andrews Box Set</i> by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

OUT NOW! Cameron Andrews Box Set by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

This box set contains all seven published books in best-selling FF author Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk’s series about Baltimore Police Detective Cameron Andrews. Contains the stories:

Outside In: Baltimore Police Detective Cameron Andrews is offered a dangerous undercover position with the federal DEA: go inside a women’s prison as a convicted felon to discover how cocaine is trafficked through the facility. While still in training, she meets a seductive female marital arts instructor who challenges her views on power and gives her a reason to return safely to the outside.

Rule #1: Trust No One: When Cameron Andrews is assigned to find the source of a designer drug on the streets of Baltimore, she’s hired to work for one of the men suspected of being close to the drug ring. Then a very alluring woman tries to seduce her. Can Cam elude the woman’s advances and find the drug manufacturer before her cover is blown? Or will her life end before she can report her findings?

Out and Beyond: Detective Cameron Andrews went to prison as a felon to solve a case the DEA couldn’t. Now that she’s out, instead of enjoying her freedom, she’s hired to help deliver drugs to other dealers. But her Parole Officer and the head of the drug ring are asking questions. Can she answer them successfully before she ends up back in prison … or dead?

Incognito: DEA Operative Cameron Andrews is assigned to help an ambassador negotiate a trade treaty. But, what she’s really there for is to get his eighteen-year-old son out of trouble with the drug cartel. Cam uses a cover she’s used before: A rich Canadian, but she will need everyone in Washington to catch these crooks.

Bodies Out Back: CIA Agent Cameron Andrews’s new home comes complete with bodies and a meth lab in the woods of her property, which abuts the US–Canada border. She goes undercover to investigate, but when police raid the drug house, Cam finds herself in an even worse predicament — back in jail. Can her team get her out without blowing her cover?

Locked Away: A popular South American president wants his women and children educated to protect themselves. He also wants to find something new in his country that can be exported around the world. And he wants to stop the drug trade. Cameron Andrews is one of three women assigned to help restructure the country. When disaster strikes, Cam finds herself with the challenge of her life.

Keeping It Together: Cameron Andrews awakens in a mental hospital, suffering from a traumatic brain injury. Everyone seems to know things she can’t remember. Unfortunately, to the three people she loves the most, Cam seems to have suddenly disappeared. In a race against time Maggie, therapist Norma Brock, and Norma’s granddaughter fight their way through trials and trails that arise while trying to find Cam.


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