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<i>A Hippie Independence Day</i> by J.D. Walker
A Hippie Independence Day by J.D. Walker is now available! Better yet, it's FREE! Blurb: Benjamin "Ben" Brooker loves Carl
<i>The Catalyst Spark</i> by Rob Matthews
The Catalyst Spark by Rob Matthews is now available! Blurb: Marshall is going nowhere fast. His days are spent working
<i>Love Is Proud</i> by JMS Books Authors
Love Is Proud by JMS Books Authors is now available! Blurb: In the early morning hours of Sunday, June 12,
<i>In Danger and Under Fire</i> by A.R. Moler
In Danger and Under Fire by A.R. Moler is now available! Blurb: Mike Rousseau works for Navy Intelligence, Kurt Halstead
<i>Another Time</i> by E.F. Mulder
Another Time by E.F. Mulder is now available! Blurb: Torn between two people -- the woman he married one summer
<i>Sweat</i> by J.D. Walker
Sweat by J.D. Walker is now available! Blurb: It’s the middle of July, and Rico Davin is about to faint
<i>Someone to Love Him</i> by Edward Kendrick
Someone to Love Him by Edward Kendrick is now available! Blurb: Luke Ryder has been doing whatever it takes to
<i>Dead Man’s Curve</i> by Vivien Dean
Dead Man's Curve by Vivien Dean is now available! Blurb: For three years, playwright Spencer Szabo has been sitting on
<i>Across the Sea</i> by Wayne Mansfield
Across the Sea by Wayne Mansfield is now available! Blurb: Twenty-two-year-old Jacob Tomkins is sentenced to seven years’ labour in
<i>Skin Deep</i> by J.T. Marie
Skin Deep by J.T. Marie is now available! Blurb: Mackenzie "Mack" Shaw coaches the Lady Rebels, a women's college basketball