<i>A Classic Blunder</i> by Lynn Townsend

A Classic Blunder by Lynn Townsend

<i>A Classic Blunder</i> by Lynn Townsend

OUT NOW! A Classic Blunder by Lynn Townsend

Sequel to Got the Blues

Beau Watkins and Vin Reyes have mended their differences, but that doesn’t mean everything is back the way it was. When Beau’s teenage niece shows up with her son in tow, Beau is thrown unexpectedly into a world of adult responsibilities and adult decisions, all of which could have disastrous consequences. Reconciliation with his family is complicated by an overseas internship with a predatory business woman.

Vin still struggles with his alcoholism, with finding his place in a world after college, and with establishing relationships with his newfound father and sister. The last puzzle piece of Vin’s mysterious past clicks into place when he comes face-to-face with his mother’s ex-fiancĂ©. His relationship with Beau has never been stronger … until an unexpected email threatens to topple everything they’ve build together.


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