<i>The Magic Returns</i> by S. Park

The Magic Returns by S. Park

<i>The Magic Returns</i> by S. Park

OUT NOW! The Magic Returns by S. Park

All the world changed in a single moment. Lives were ended, and even more lives disrupted. For magic had come back into the world, destroying all modern technology in an instant. And with the magic came elves, dragons, were-folk … and vampires.

Thomas is one of these, and one of the oldest, for he was there when the world changed. He has been alone for a long time. When a chance encounter leads him to Justin and Ian, a mated pair of werewolves, he finds that he may not need to be alone any more.

Justin, ever-curious, asks Thomas about the day the magic returned, and Thomas shares two stories from his past, describing the confusion and horror of the old world’s destruction, but also sharing the blossoming relationship he found amid the chaos.


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