<i>Savoring the Sauce</i> by Teal H.S. Fields

Savoring the Sauce by Teal H.S. Fields

<i>Savoring the Sauce</i> by Teal H.S. Fields

OUT NOW! Savoring the Sauce by Teal H.S. Fields

Summer is a time for relaxing and escaping the doldrums of life. It also is a time when a hot and steamy romance can unexpectedly alter a man’s life trajectory. Such is the case for Taylor Robinson, a sexually stifled underling at a major law firm, and Liam Dolan, an athletic trainer for a university football team. When they are left alone after dinner, an innocent massage escalates into a full-blown tryst as the two enhance supper with additional flavors atop the dinner table.

As the days pass, Taylor and Liam continue their throes of seduction and passion, taking things to the next level with full-throttle intensity. Realizing they are finding themselves physically and emotionally attracted to each other, they navigate their feelings of desiring something more than just the mind-blowing sex they enjoy. As they enhance their desires, will Taylor ever find the courage to escape his own thinking to find a sauce he can savor for a lifetime?


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