Rekindled Love by Jodi Hutchins

Rekindled Love by Jodi Hutchins is now available!

After landing her dream job in the heart of Seattle, Kelly Garner feels she’s finally found her spot in life … until a layoff renders her unemployed. With a monumental amount of student loan debt, Kelly is forced to act fast. Her mother offers to let her stay in her childhood room, and Kelly finds a job in her field with a remote option.

Everything seems to settle, until a familiar face ignites an old blaze of feelings within Kelly.

The object of her affection is her high school crush and estranged friend, Reese Garret. The strong ardor Kelly felt for her is still vivacious, and whenever she sees Reese, her heart nearly seizes. The two haven’t spoken in years and she still holds tight to the guilt surrounding the situation that ended their friendship.

Will Kelly let this guilt muddle the potential rekindling of their old romance?


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