<i>Questing</i> by Charles Payseur

Questing by Charles Payseur

<i>Questing</i> by Charles Payseur

OUT NOW! Questing by Charles Payseur

Lancelot has been playing the Game for a long time. When you’re an immortal soul reborn again and again because you drank from the Holy Grail, there isn’t much else to do than galivant around the globe, accomplishing quests for points and competing against your fellow immortals. For Lancelot it’s life, and yet after centuries he finds himself distracted by a different thrill — the one he gets from his greatest rival, Palomides.

So when Palomides approaches him with a new quest, Lancelot jumps at the opportunity, even if it takes him to the edge of nowhere, to the deep woods of Wisconsin, chasing after a myth. When the myth turns out to be deadly real, will Lancelot get swept up in the battle and zeal of questing, of playing the Game, or will he find that there’s a different way he’d much rather score?


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