<i>Perfect Obsession</i> by Lucien Grey

Perfect Obsession by Lucien Grey

<i>Perfect Obsession</i> by Lucien Grey

OUT NOW! Perfect Obsession by Lucien Grey

Lord Robert Beswick bought his commission and went to sea to escape the responsibilities of a noble title he never wanted. But now he has something, someone, he wants to stay home for, to protect, and he fears his lack of wealth and long absences at sea will drive his lover away.

Will Rohen, son of a cloth merchant, is driven by his obsession for perfection which manifests in his love for fashion. Seen as nothing more than a vain fop by society, he is a source of ridicule and envy, even catching the eye of the prince regent. But what plagues him most is the nightmare that the war will one day claim Robert’s life.

Will’s obsession makes Robert fear he cannot provide his lover with the life he deserves. Will fears more than anything that Robert will sail away one day and not return to him. Can their romance survive?


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