<i>In Tune</i> by Alexandra Caluen

In Tune by Alexandra Caluen

<i>In Tune</i> by Alexandra Caluen

OUT NOW! In Tune by Alexandra Caluen

In college, Paxton Barrilla and Mars Hudson built a strong foundation for lifelong friendship. Then their careers take them to opposite sides of the country. When they walk into a recording studio in Las Vegas, Pax as producer and Mars as clarinet player, they haven’t seen each other for almost twenty years.

At first, Pax’s plans are simply to make the best jazz record he possibly can. Mars? He wants that, too. But what he wants more is a chance to see if long-ago friendship and a gift for working together might add up to more.

The overture is a surprise, but Pax is interested. After three weeks of the kinds of conversations they never had with anyone else, are they ready to see if they’ve struck the right chord?


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