<i>Duty Bound</i> by Layla Webb

Duty Bound by Layla Webb

<i>Duty Bound</i> by Layla Webb

OUT NOW! Duty Bound by Layla Webb

At twenty-three Murphy White had his life all planned out. He knew what he wanted and how to get it. Then duty called and blew that life to hell.

Fleeing from the fall-out, Murphy lands in Australia, doing whatever he can to forget the innocent lives lost and the guilty life he took. But no amount of partying can wipe away the horror.

Sitting in a café one morning, he looks up … into the eyes of evil, the eyes of a man he sentenced to death. Terrified, Murphy calls the police but, as soon as they arrive, the shooting starts and his life goes to hell all over again.

Thirty-five-year-old Remus Mazarin comes from a family of nightmares. But he is determined to better than them all. His family have put hits out on innocent people. People whose only crime was to do their duty. Remus won’t stand for it. He will be the one to save the beautiful man he’s only ever seen from a distance, a man he was instantly drawn to.

Hiding out in small town rural Australia, Murphy and Remus discover common ground and a growing love between them. But Remus’ family will not rest until Murphy is dead.

When duty costs you everything you wanted, can fate repay you by giving you who you need?


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