<i>Brotherbound</i> by Marco May

Brotherbound by Marco May

<i>Brotherbound</i> by Marco May

OUT NOW! Brotherbound by Marco May

Chip is looking forward to a stress-free summer before starting college in the fall. He returns home from boarding school and reunites with his father, Carlos. Little does he know that they have guests coming over for dinner.

Topher is Chip’s childhood friend and the sexy guy of his dreams. They reconnect almost immediately and Chip’s old feelings come rushing back, feelings he’s kept to himself all these years.

However, before they can enjoy summer vacation, Chip’s father and Topher’s mother announce their engagement. It comes as a shock, as neither Chip nor Topher knew their parents were romantically involved in the first place.

As they grow closer together, Chip and Topher find their feelings for each other deepen past friendship into something more. If only their parents weren’t in love, too. Will their feelings put their blended family at risk?


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