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Hero for the Holidays by Charles Payseur

OUT NOW! Hero for the Holidays by Charles Payseur

Cody travels from Metro City to the Caribbean island lair of Dr. Devious to look after the place while the supervillain is in space for the holidays … and maybe to mend his broken heart. With Christmas fast approaching, Cody is desperate to avoid reminders of his recent disastrous breakup, and a few weeks of sun and relaxation sound perfect — until a drunk (but very cute) superhero crashes the party by literally crashing onto the beach.

And that’s just the start of Cody’s problems — angry shark-men, mysterious lava creatures, and a malfunctioning AI all make his holiday getaway anything but relaxing. Amid the chaos of his adventures in lair-sitting, though, Cody might find just what he needs — a new chance at love, and a chance to be a hero for the holidays!


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Run Wild, Run Free by Fiona Glass

OUT NOW! Run Wild, Run Free by Fiona Glass

Growing up in a 1950s mining village in the English midlands is hard for someone like Joey, who’s known he was different since he was a kid. All he wants to do is run wild on the hills, watching nature and indulging his love of art. All his parents want is for him to settle down: marriage, a home of his own, a steady job down the mine, and not so much as a whiff of art college. But none of that appeals to him.

Everything changes the summer he turns eighteen, when the travellers come to town. They’re here for the local farmer’s beet harvest, but the villagers resent them and Joe’s mam won’t even let him speak to them. Dirty, lazy, good-for-nothing layabouts, she calls them. But when Joe meets Billy on the hill behind the village, the man isn’t dirty at all, just good-looking, good-humoured and surprisingly kind. Best of all, Billy shares his love of the natural world.

Unbeknown to his family the two become friends, and then more than friends. But when the farmer’s barn burns down and Joe’s brother Rob puts the blame on Billy, Joe must decide whether to stay loyal to his family, or grow up fast and risk everything he’s familiar with to help the man he’s come to love.


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Return to Blackmont Ridge by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Return to Blackmont Ridge by Edward Kendrick

His name is Cailean and he’s a wolf shifter. However, he believes he is Tom Clayton, a popular author of mystery and paranormal books.

One night he meets Gib, a seemingly homeless man, and offers him shelter in the lobby of his condo building. Gib takes advantage of that to visit Tom and tell him its time for him to come home, his real home. Baffled, because his condo is his home, Tom angrily tells Gib to leave, which he does, suggesting he consider two things — Cailean and Blackmont.

Then, Tom has a dream about a shifter called Cailean who is banished from his pack for being a deviant. Gib is also in the dream, only his name is Gerulf.

Gerulf, still posing as Gib, returns to talk with Tom and is able to convince him the dream is in fact a memory of his earlier life resurfacing, that his true name is indeed Cailean, and that they had been lovers before his banishment, twelve years previously. It will take more than that, however, to awaken all of Cailean’s memories. First, he must return to the pack’s village at Blackmont Ridge to meet his father, the Alpha of the pack.

What ensues might change Cailean and Gerulf’s lives forever — if they survive.

NOTE: Story contains talk of rape and incest.


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Placet by Tim Mead

OUT NOW! Placet by Tim Mead

Brian Morehouse Hunter is a newly promoted professor of English with a particular fondness for the novels of Dorothy L. Sayers. In his spare time, Brian writes erotic gay romance novels. Knowing his university colleagues wouldn’t understand, and would likely be shocked, Brian keeps his two lives strictly separate. That is, until he accidentally emails a draft chapter of his latest story to Ken Tremont, a fellow professor, rather than one of his beta readers. Brian likes Ken, finds the man attractive, but is pretty sure he’s straight.

For the next few days, Brian awaits his fate, fearing exposure, ridicule, and possible expulsion. But Ken seems to be biding his time. Unable to stand it any longer, Brian decides to approach Ken.

Will Brian’s worst fears be realized? Or could this accidental outing reap unexpected rewards?


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In Troy’s Company by Forrest Greene

OUT NOW! In Troy’s Company by Forrest Greene

Captain Troy is the commander of Troy’s Company and the best mercenary commander in the Four Quadrants of the Cities. On occasion he would find a mercenary unlucky enough to have been lost to slavery and buy him. He might sleep with the man, but would allow him to earn his freedom and a place in the Company if he wanted it.

On this occasion, Markus is that slave. On a day of unforeseen catastrophe, everything he valued was taken from him — his home, his position, and his freedom. Now astray in a part of the world he’s never seen before, he struggles to find his feet and understand his attraction to Captain Troy. Soon he realizes he now has everything he desires. In Troy’s Company he finds the life he always wanted and the love he never dreamed he needed.

Then, one day, a man Markus hasn’t seen for five years brings his past back to life. Will he choose his duty or his love?


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