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The Writer’s Block by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! The Writer’s Block by Eve Morton

Jack Morris simply needs to keep the lights on. That’s why he starts to write erotica online. After his boyfriend of seven years leaves him alone in a crappy apartment and with limited income, it seems like the best way to pass his time and soothe his aching heart. Everything works out well enough until writer’s block happens. Then Jack simply doesn’t know what to do next.

A tour at a local bookstore for inspiration yields him an avid reader named John. Though John’s never read any of Jack’s material before, he’s definitely more than ready to be of help for some creative problem solving, and maybe, some practical experience, too.


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Renovations by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Renovations by K.L. Noone

A Character Bleed story.

Jason and Colby fell in love on a movie set. Now that filming’s over, what comes next?

Jason’s excited to stay with Colby in London, and Colby wants him there. But Colby’s expensive flat holds ugly memories and old ghosts that he’s been avoiding. Now he’ll be forced to face them, but he’ll have Jason at his side.

Jason knows most of what Colby’s been through, so this isn’t a surprise but it hurts. And he wants to help. He wants to take apart all the walls and fixtures that remind Colby of the painful past. Fortunately, with some good friends and some determined home renovation, he can do exactly that so he and Colby can rebuild.


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An Assassin and an Artist by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! An Assassin and an Artist by Edward Kendrick

Marin Deschamps has led an interesting life for the past one thousand years. Born a shifter, and also a healer with magical abilities, he still would have died in battle if vampire Baptiste hadn’t turned him. Although his Sire didn’t approve, he became an assassin, working for nobles who needed his services. As the centuries passed, he plied his trade or fought in various wars until, in the late eighteen hundreds, he settled in Denver, where he used his impressive skills to protect those who needed them. Never once in all that time has he allowed anyone into his life — until now.

Tyler Campbell is an artist and a nascent author who is writing a book on the early history of Denver. While sketching the tunnels below the city to illustrate his book, he meets Marin, who is there for reasons of his own. Tyler is instantly drawn to the handsome, amber-eyed man. A man he has no reason to believe is anything other than another human, although humans are aware that supernaturals live among them.

Marin is appalled when his panther reveals that Tyler is his fated mate. Things get worse, in his opinion, when he needs Tyler’s help to stop a vicious gang of humans bent on destroying all supernaturals.

Will they be able to stop the gang, and if so, will Marin’s vampire half allow his growing interest in Tyler to become more? If he does, he will have to reveal what he is, which could destroy any hope that they might have a future together.


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The Thrill of the Chase by Ellie Thomas

OUT NOW! The Thrill of the Chase by Ellie Thomas

Adrian Lethbridge temporarily exchanges his quiet country home in leafy Dorset for fashionable Regency Cheltenham to support his aunt as she introduces her three daughters into polite society. As he is fond of his younger cousins, Adrian is happy to escort them and even bestow advice on fashion and manners as they attract new friends and admirers. But the last thing he expects is to make a match of his own.

When he meets handsome Captain Guy Ransome at an evening assembly, he is overwhelmed by his unexpected feelings and can’t believe that they might be reciprocated. However, Guy seems more interested in the thrill of passing pleasure than a meeting of hearts and minds.

In the heat of the chase, Guy impatiently regards Adrian’s hesitance as time-wasting game playing, not realising his tried and tested seduction techniques send shy Adrian fleeing in the opposite direction. Can these contrasting characters reach a romantic compromise? And will the hunter discover his heart has been caught after all?


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Night on the Planet by Courtney Milnestein

OUT NOW! Night on the Planet by Courtney Milnestein

Christmas and New Year in North London. Beneath the spread of fireworks, amidst the sound of cheers and celebrations, best friends Diana and Luna find themselves stranded over the river and after midnight on the last night of the 20th century.

Faced with either waiting for a bus that might never come or walking for several hours in the bitter cold of midwinter, the two girls set out along the path of the river and through the heart of London in pursuit of tea, toast, and a good night’s sleep, all the while dancing around the issue of their feelings for one another.


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