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Miss Baxter’s Girls Book 4: Maimoona the Gift by Davina Lee

OUT NOW! Miss Baxter’s Girls Book 4: Maimoona the Gift by Davina Lee

Miss Baxter’s boarding house is off to a shaky start when a mysterious young woman appears, out of the blue, on her doorstep. Maimoona says she is a gift sent by her mother, Miss Baxter’s former lover. The resemblance is uncanny, as is the kinky sexual appetite.

Moona insists upon addressing Miss Baxter only as Mistress, and expresses a not to subtle interest in being educated in the same way as her mother. But, considering herself retired from the dominatrix business, Miss Baxter decides to play matchmaker instead, and pairs Moona with Jessica, a sociology student in her boarding house.

It’s lust at first sight with Jessica and Moona, and with Miss Baxter’s help, they begin to explore each other’s kinky side as Moona confesses her alien abduction fantasy. If you enjoy your kink served up with a generous helping of love and tenderness, this is the story for you.


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Hunting a Killer by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Hunting a Killer by Edward Kendrick

When the police call the slaughter of his mother and brother a home invasion gone bad, Mika doesn’t believe it. Because he has no way to prove otherwise, he closes down, refusing to talk about what happened.

That is until Buck, a bouncer at a local bar Mika visits, convinces Mika to open up to him. When he does, Buck not only learns about the murder, but also that Mika grew up living off the grid until his father died, two years previously, at which point his family moved to the city.

They begin to bond as they try to figure out the reason behind the murders, which may revolve around the family property in the mountains. All they have to do is prove it, without being killed in the process. Only if they can will they take a chance and move their growing friendship on to something more.


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Glen Saves the World by Emery C. Walters

OUT NOW! Glen Saves the World by Emery C. Walters

Glen is coerced into helping his senile mother by his gay nephew Tristan. On probation, Mom burns things on the stove and steals cars for fun. Together they get her into an adult home, where her old lover lives.

The old man reveals he fathered a child with Glen’s mother who was given up for adoption, but he no longer remembers the baby’s name. All he knows is it starts with the letter D. Of course, everyone a little older than Glen with a D in his name now looks like a possible stepbrother, even Mom’s probation officer, Damon.

Glen and Damon take a shine to each other. Is there any way for the two to win with such a dysfunctional family?


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Second Star to the Right by A.F. Henley

OUT NOW! Second Star to the Right by A.F. Henley

Be it unrequited fascination with his straight best friend or impossible fantasies of rekindled interest with his heartbreaking ex, Mason has no clue why the perfect connection seems to keep slipping through his fingers. When another lonely holiday seems like too much weight to shoulder, Mason gives up on romance and seeks out the next best thing — rented company. Jack is everything a person could want in an escort: willing, hot, and built like an angel.

Mason can’t resist. After all, who wouldn’t be interested in a guy who loves kid’s movies, is a self-professed Peter Pan, and has no problem throwing caution to the wind at a moment’s notice. But then interest quickly blooms into a whole new emotion — an emotion that Mason knows far too well, especially when Jack has no interest in returning it, preferring to keep his heart safely tucked away in Neverland.


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Reglas para tirar ficha por Laura Bailo

OUT NOW! Reglas para tirar ficha por Laura Bailo

Cuando Gabriel se apunta a las jornadas de juegos de mesa con la intención de jugar tanto como pueda durante los próximos tres días, lo que menos se espera es que un hombre atractivo le acribille con la mirada en el aparcamiento. Así que cuando el mismo hombre se une a la mesa en la que está jugando, Gabriel está decidido a hacerle sonreír, incluso si para ello es necesario tirar más fichas que las incluidas en el juego.

Cuando Aitor entra en el polideportivo después de que alguien le haya robado su plaza de aparcamiento, no espera sentirse tan atraído por la misma persona a la que había decidido odiar unos pocos minutos antes. Sin embargo, mientras conoce a Gabriel a través de los juegos y el flirteo, no es capaz de ignorar esa atracción.

No hay reglas para tirar ficha, pero para Gabriel y Aitor, es un juego que puede tener dos ganadores.


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