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Black Lace by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Black Lace by L.J. Hamlin

Jed Chance is the world famous lead singer of the rock band Black Lace. Once married to his best friend, he soon realised his love for her was not romantic, but they remained friends and she now manages the band. Jamie has been hugely protective of Jed since his former bandmate and lover outed him to the world.

The band faces a lineup change when their guitarist decides she wants to spend more time with her kids. Auditions start and in walks Donnie, a very talented, handsome, and openly bisexual musician. Jed vows to resist the attraction he feels for his new bandmate but finds temptation at every turn.

But lust isn’t the only thing on Jed’s mind — he has a stalker who seems intent on ending his life. Jed finds himself fighting for his band, his heart, and even his life. Can he keep all three?


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Beyond the Norm by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! Beyond the Norm by Shawn Lane

Dave Johnson is closing up his bar in the early hours of the morning when he rescues a young Goth who identifies himself only as Kyle. When Dave realizes Kyle has nowhere to go, he offers to let the young man stay at his place.

Kyle is sexy and surrounded by mystery, and rather tight-lipped about it all. But he soon worms his way into Dave’s life and heart. Yet dark secrets have a way of coming out at the most inopportune times, and Kyle’s past life may catch up to the men sooner than either of them expected.


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All That You Do by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! All That You Do by Jamie Craig

Antique dealer Christopher Gleason isn’t looking for love. He isn’t even looking for a one-night stand. But when a young man with an innocent smile offers to buy him a drink one night, he accepts. He’s even tempted to take it further, until he learns the innocence isn’t an act. Though he can’t deny his attraction, or the fact that he likes the young man quite a bit, Christopher puts him off. He’d rather be friends than risk hurting him.

Gage Kimball fled Salt Lake City for Los Angeles with his guitars, what little money he had, and no friends. Raised in a devout Mormon family within a tightly knit community, he’s never had the chance to be himself or explore his sexuality. Until now. Christopher supplies the emotional support Gage needs, but Gage wants more than friendship. Even at the risk of everything he has left.


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Unnatural Allies by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Unnatural Allies by Edward Kendrick

Vampires and werewolves are natural enemies. Therefore, Andre has no regrets about killing Raúl, the Alpha of the Wintermane pack, who plans to attack the Crimson Cathedral nightclub, revealing the presence of vampires to the human world.

When Sand learns of his brother’s murder, he debates seeking revenge because he hates Raúl, who backed their father when he forced Sand out of the pack for being gay. Then, he discovers that Estebe, the new Alpha, plans to continue Raúl’s mission.

Things come to a head when Sand, a bodyguard, escorts a client’s daughter to the nightclub and the club’s owner tells Andre to find out why Sand is there. Despite their differences, instant lust drives Andre into Sand’s bed-but not before they agree to work together to stop Estebe.

Can they successfully end Estebe’s existence — and survive? And, will their relationship stand a chance as lust turns to an attraction that defies the belief that they are supposed to be mortal enemies?


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The Tailor by Kassandra Lea

OUT NOW! The Tailor by Kassandra Lea

Bartholomew Jay Westwood, or simply Jay, is a suit fanatic. They’re easily his one indulgence. He owns one in every color, which makes it nearly impossible to pick one for an upcoming holiday party. The only one that seems suitable is white, and he originally bought it for a Halloween costume three years ago. But he can’t quite bring himself to wear it and settles for another number from his vast collection.

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes after he stops to pick up a last-minute gift. But the incident takes place outside his favorite suit shop, The Well-Dressed Man, and waiting inside is none other than expert tailor Walden Conway. He might have just the thing Jay needs, and it may be more than a suit.


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