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Mixed Up by Shawn Bailey

OUT NOW! Mixed Up by Shawn Bailey

In order to save face for his family, chef Kairi Nakano agrees to stand in for his identical twin who has flown the coop on her wedding day. Kairi had no idea his twin was getting married and has just arrived home from America. But within hours of being home, his older brother talks Kairi into standing in for Kana until he can find her. Kairi, not one to make waves, agrees. The next thing he knows, he’s being kissed by some guy after being declared man and wife.

Denji Kikuchi knew better than to trust anyone associated with the notorious yakuza. But when his family and the Nakano family agree to call a truce if Denji marries Asaki Nakano’s younger sister, Denji agrees after seeing how beautiful Kana is. He gets the surprise of his life on his wedding night when he realizes the beauty sharing his bed is not Kana, but Kana’s identical twin brother, Kairi.

Mad at first, Denji understands Kairi didn’t mean to deceive him, but was just doing a favor for Asaki after Kana ran off with her boyfriend. Now Denji can do one of two things. Ask for an annulment since same sex marriages aren’t legal in Japan, or hold Kairi to the contract until Kana returns.


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Love at First Sight by Shawn Bailey

OUT NOW! Love at First Sight by Shawn Bailey

Professional chef Aki Taan is in love with his barber and childhood friend, Tsung Loa. Even though same sex marriages are allowed in Taiwan, their mothers refuse to admit their sons are gay. Instead, they arrange a marriage between Aki and Tsung’s older sister, Chi-Ling.

Tsung Loa has heard the rumors about himself all his life. He doesn’t care about what people think of him, but he selfishly steps aside and allows his older sister to marry Aki Tann to save face for his family. On the eve of the wedding, Aki shows up at Tsung’s apartment for one night of passion with the man he loves. But the next day, Tsung packs his things and moves away, not leaving a note or a forwarding address.

A year passes without anyone hearing from Tsung until one day Aki learns he’s working in the redlight district of Taipei. Aki goes to Taipei to find his friend, who has been living a double life for years. Can these two young men find a happy ending?


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