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A Shattered Life by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! A Shattered Life by Edward Kendrick

Horribly abused by his mother, Van eventually goes in search of his father. When he finds him, his life is radically changed. His father works for the FBI, and has contacts to a covert group, run by the Old Man, that goes after the worst of the worst criminals. Van is recruited to join both — and does.

Van handles every job he’s sent on with cold efficiency, letting nothing stand in his way of gaining the information he seeks and stopping his foes. Eventually, he’s offered a team of his own within the Old Man’s organization. He accepts, with one caveat — none of them can be female. Because of his mother, the only woman he has ever trusted is his handler, Makie.

His attitude takes a hit when he meets Ginna, a cop, while on a job for the Old Man. When it’s over, much to the shock of everyone involved, he requests that she be added to his team if she’s willing — which she is, as long as the organization can promise to keep her young son safe while she’s on assignments.

Ginna fits in well with the team, and though she is appalled at some of the tactics Van uses to gain information, she finds herself attracted to him. Can she break through the walls he’s erected around his emotions? If so, then what? Only time will tell.


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Satan’s Breath by Temple Madison

Satan’s Breath by Temple Madison is now available!


WSCX Radio Station in Savannah, Georgia, isn’t prepared for new late-night DJ Blaze Alexander. She’s way over the top for such a deeply religious city in the Deep South, yet at the same time, they can’t seem to get enough of her.

So every night from midnight to dawn, the sultry heat of the new Steam Queen envelops the city as she breathes her naughty suggestions into their ears. As they sit and listen to her deep, throaty voice purring and moaning her hypnotic words of passion, the unsuspecting city becomes drugged by the magic spell she weaves around them.

But while Blaze is making cold beds hot and bringing lovers closer together, her arms remain empty because she can’t forget a dark night when Satan’s Breath blew hot and strong. Can she exorcise the demon that took hold of her on a long-ago night that keeps her away from the only man she will ever love, or will Satan’s Breath rise again and finish what it started so long ago?


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High Risk by Rick R. Reed

High Risk by Rick R. Reed is now available!


A secret sex life …

A handsome, twisted stranger …

And a journey into a nightmare.

Beth Walsh seemed like such a demure housewife. But while her attorney husband was away at work, she engaged in countless encounters with strangers … until she met the one stranger who would change everything — for the worst. Abbott Lowery was every woman’s dream; but the monster lurking inside his handsome, chiseled exterior was terrifying. And Beth’s behavior is about to unleash the rage and madness inside.

High Risk is a story of secrets, tainted histories, murder, and kidnapping — with an ending so searing and brutal, it will leave you breathless.


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