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Heal by Pilato

OUT NOW! Heal by Pilato

Liam cancelled his wedding when his fiancé Jasper ran away with his best friend. About to go on the honeymoon alone, Liam meets eighteen-year-old Milo, who desperately wants an airline ticket to anywhere. Two strangers board the plane; two near-friends deplane, then live together in a hotel room on an exotic island, developing a unique relationship. Back in England, Jasper has to face reality without Liam and starts to realize what that actually means.

Then new information about their wedding and insights into their past relationship surface and the truth stops being black and white. If Jasper’s best friend didn’t confess before the wedding, would he still have run away? If Liam didn’t meet Milo at the airport, would he still have boarded the plane? Was it destined to go exactly this way, no matter what? Sometimes choice is ripped away from us and we are left to deal with the consequences.

With so many things out of their control, can Liam and Jasper heal themselves and their relationship?


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