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Huntinghawk by Mark Wildyr

OUT NOW! Huntinghawk by Mark Wildyr

When Curt Huntinghawk, a twenty-two-year-old Northern Plains Indian, hooks up with the Colorados Rezagados, a group of Southwestern tribesmen contracted by the US Border Patrol to hunt drug runners along the Mexican border, he recognizes it’s a necessary move to save himself from a life of alcoholism, but he has no idea he’ll turn out to be one of the best at his new profession. Dangerous? Yeah, but it’s as close to living the life of a warrior as he can find, and that restores his self-respect and sense of honor.

But when he saves a young man trying to cross the border across the deadly Sonoran Desert, he doesn’t suspect the youth’s intimate way of showing his gratitude will shake his woman-chasing way of life to its foundation. But that carries its own dangers. How will his running buddy Grove Whitedeer react should he find out about Hawk’s sexual deviancy? How will all the Red Rezes, for that matter? One more danger to face while playing cat and mouse with a deadly drug runner he calls Wolverine.


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Gabacho and Other Wildyr Tales by Mark Wildyr

OUT NOW! Gabacho and Other Wildyr Tales by Mark Wildyr

In this anthology, Mark Wildyr introduces Gabacho, an itinerant Texas cowboy who likes to travel on horseback. Born Gary James Hawthorne and dubbed Gabacho when he ventures south of the border is a womanizer who is introduced to something different. And you know what? He sorta likes it.

Across nineteen stories, Gabacho explores the ribald, the serious, the occult. At the core of each story is love — hopeless love, successful love, love that fails. There are chance encounters and planned encounters. Twins with different needs, guys accused of being losers who achieve small victories, a killer, a vampire, an old cowboy’s tale of how he got the recipe for banana pudding.

Meet all these and more in Gabacho and Other Wildyr Tales!


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More Wildyr Tales by Mark Wildyr

OUT NOW! More Wildyr Tales by Mark Wildyr

In this follow-up to Wildyr Tales, twenty-three gay romance stories introduce a wide variety of characters, some who have no idea who they are and have a ribald time in discovering the answer.

You’ll meet military gays, one who has paid a penalty for serving his country but carries on nonetheless. A young man told from early adolescence he is worthless struggles to disprove that to himself. An alien haunts a man’s house and spies on his dalliances between the sheets. A dying teen gives his best friend a poetic journal to know him better.

From to artists and models, hardcases facing unexpected revelations and slut-talking queens and every day guys just trying to make it in a world hostile to their kind.

Find out what happens in More Wildyr Tales!


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Wildyr Tales by Mark Wildyr

OUT NOW! Wildyr Tales by Mark Wildyr

This anthology debuts twenty gay short stories by accomplished novelist Mark Wildyr.

Among the stories is an altercation with an outlaw biker’s club, a ghost haunting the dream world of an art restorer, and a soldier’s unexpected bus ride of a lifetime. A protective guide dog leads his blind handler to the perfect human companion, and a western movie star introduces a young projectionist to a different kind of life. A tattoo artist strikes a bargain with a new client, a valet serves his Medieval lord, and other men find love and lust with each other in a variety of settings and time periods.

Who knows what will happen in these Wildyr Tales?


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Charlie Blackbear by Mark Wildyr

OUT NOW! Charlie Blackbear by Mark Wildyr

Take an irresponsible, hard-drinking womanizer and dump him into the middle of a logging crew, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Charlie Blackbear is already a near-legend in his little corner of the world. The size of his package has been the subject of whispers since he was a lad and his sexual conquests the stuff of legends.

When he wakes up drunk in a motel room with a man going down on him, he shrugs it off and goes right back to chasing women. Charlie accepts a job with a logging crew. But when he shares a room at the Boar’s Nest with his best friend, Daniel Warhorse, he fights a growing, unexpected, and unwelcome attraction to his childhood friend. Apparently Daniel feels the same way, and when they finally get together, the world turns on its axis for both of them.

Then handsome, sexy Aden Jones shows up to complicate things. Charlie never suspects the danger lurking at the edge of his complicated life.


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