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Just for Tonight by Kimberly Nicole

OUT NOW! Just for Tonight by Kimberly Nicole

Rachel can’t find the right woman. She’s trying to escape her past, where she worked at a pizza place and messed around with her married boss, Rhiannon. One night they start to have sex but are busted by Rhiannon’s husband, and Rachel decides to leave her behind for good. On another night, she goes home with cute waitress Jen, who starts kissing her, but there is a drunken guy avidly watching and Rachel is once again unsatisfied.

Then Rachel meets the tall, muscular, lesbian at her new job named AJ. Rachel wonders if she’s finally met someone like her. She finds out AJ is fresh out of a break-up, but they still have a night out at the bar, playing pool and singing karaoke. Is this just going to be another night with an emotionally unavailable woman, or will the spark of something more ignite? At the very least, will Rachel end the night feeling less alone?


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#StrangerToStronger by Kimberly Nicole

OUT NOW! #StrangerToStronger by Kimberly Nicole

Rave Michaels is a wanna-be-writer who meets a beautiful older woman named So Price on Facebook. At first Rave is too caught up with plans with her girlfriend Tiffany, a woman on house arrest, to give too much thought to her messages with So, but the two soon become good friends, talking about their writing projects together, along with a variety of other topics.

After Rave has an unexpected break-up with Tiffany, So is the one who is there for her. In spite of their distance — Rave lives in Indiana and So lives in Pennsylvania — Rave and So decide to become a couple. So travels from Pennsylvania to Indiana frequently and they spend time together in hotels, getting to know each other and having passionate sex. But will Rave’s problems with bipolar disorder prove to be too much to handle? Will the coronavirus keep them apart? Can a lasting relationship truly be found online?


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I Choose You Again by Kimberly Nicole

OUT NOW! I Choose You Again by Kimberly Nicole

The year is 2020 and coronavirus is sweeping the nation, along with protests across the country. Rae wonders if this is the start of a real revolution. She has many questions for her wife Morgan, but is confused and hurt when Morgan tells her to stop looking to her for all the answers and do her own research. Rae realizes as smart as she thought she was, she has a lot to learn about the world.

On a date night in early June, Rae must get creative and show Morgan a good time to prove how much she loves and appreciates her. Will a run-in with Rae’s ex-girlfriend Kenzie ruin the evening? How wild will their date night get?


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I Always Choose You by Kimberly Nicole

OUT NOW! I Always Choose You by Kimberly Nicole

RaeAnne Hunter has two secrets: the first is she’s gay. The second is she wants to know what it’s like to smoke weed. While smoking with her friend Morgan, she meets a woman named Kenzie and the two soon form a relationship. Rae doesn’t tell her other friends about either her partying exploits or her new girlfriend. But she does start smoking weed with her brother Jacob, and the two call it Family Night.

Rae wants to go to college to become a doctor, but she decides to take a year off to party first. Kenzie turns out to be wilder than Rae expected, but Rae still loves her and wants things to work out. Meanwhile, Rae and Morgan become closer, and Morgan proposes that she and Rae start their own secret relationship.

Rae thinks her current situation is perfect. She doesn’t want to get married any time soon, and she wants to experiment with both drugs and women. As her partying escalates beyond weed to include more drugs, and her time spent between Kenzie and Morgan becomes more complex, will Rae find she has taken on more than she can handle? When Jacob starts messing with even harder drugs, will Rae be able to influence him to be safer?

Rae’s thoughts become more confused on whether she likes Kenzie or Morgan best, but maybe living with them both will fulfill her wildest dreams.


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