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Rebel Hearts by Alexander Verlangen

OUT NOW! Rebel Hearts by Alexander Verlangen

Kennedy is full of secrets. He has superpowers. The superpowered are feared and imprisoned, and Kennedy’s nightmares come to life when his powers are discovered. Sent to an underwater prison run by two tyrants, he is forced to compete to the death against other superheroes in a deadly tournament.

It doesn’t help that his team leader, Aidy, is enchanting, protective, loyal, and charming. The last thing Kennedy needs is a distraction.

No one believes rebellion is possible. No believes living is possible. Can Kennedy find a way to win and keep Aidy, too?


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Love and the Undead by Eve Morton

OUT NOW! Love and the Undead by Eve Morton

Mike’s brother Zach has always been a little weird. He spends most of his nights sneaking out to hunt for ghosts, and then reading fan fiction for his favorite TV show Paranormal whenever he has free time. But when Zach comes out as gay, and is subsequently bullied at school, Mike realizes his brother needs an ally more than anything. Though Mike knows he’s also pretty strange, they form a pack with other outcasts at the school to make their time spent in high school a little better.

Everything changes when Ray, a new student, shows up at the school. Mike breaks away from his brother and soon falls for Ray — while at the same time unearthing a mystery about their small town. As teachers disappear and dead bodies pile up, Mike and Ray are left alone fighting evil, when all Mike wanted to do was fall in love.


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Darkness of Me by Simon Anshaw

OUT NOW! Darkness of Me by Simon Anshaw

A teen life full of partying, girls, booze, and drugs sounds like the perfect life for Matthew, the local football hero. With his soulmate Sarah and Johnno, his partner in crime, Matthew is on top of the world.

But in a small town, where difference is looked down upon and all who don’t fit the mold are shunned, Matthew begins to understand his inner feelings aren’t what is being outwardly expressed. What if he isn’t what the town tells him he should be? If anyone finds out, will they break him? Or will Matthew be able to break through?


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The Boy with Stars on His Ceiling by Lew Bull

OUT NOW! The Boy with Stars on His Ceiling by Lew Bull

Seventeen-year-old Joshua Jones is a fun-loving boy with the usual troubles — bullying at school and being in the closet. Now his mother insists he see a psychologist. Is this because he speaks to his dead father’s ashes in their golden urn? Joshua doesn’t know and, worse, no one will tell him anything.

When Joshua joins an extracurricular drama school, he not only discovers that he is naturally talented, but he also finds love in the form of Michael Armstrong, whose parents are both accepting of their son’s gayness. With Michael’s friendship and encouragement, Josh comes out of the closet and into his true self.

However, Joshua’s mother blames Michael for Joshua’s gayness. How will the boys resolve this? Will Joshua and his mother be able to deal with the issues of coming out?


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Behind the Mask by Thomas Grant Bruso

OUT NOW! Behind the Mask by Thomas Grant Bruso

Seventeen-year-old Jesse has a babysitting gig at the Linderman’s house on Halloween. He loves watching Christie and Dylan, and is thrilled to see them dressed up in cute, creative costumes. When he arrives at their house, Jesse he just knows it will be a fun-filled night of pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating.

But Jesse quickly realizes Halloween is not only about candy, pumpkins, and scary costumes. It’s known for tricks and ghoulish things, and can bring out the crazies. While trick-or-treating, he notices a strange person wearing a glow-in-the-dark mask watching him from the shadowy street.

The rest of the night turns into a cat-and-mouse game of survival. Strange things start to happen at the Linderman’s residence, setting Jesse on edge, making him apprehensive somebody might be taking the spirit of Halloween too far.

Will Jesse survive the things that go bump in the night, or will he become just another tall tale this Halloween?


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